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Pioneer an Emotionally Rewarding Prestigious Profession as an Internationally Recognized Master Certified Senior Practitioner today.

ICF Level Three Certification leading to MCC Credential

Pioneer an Emotionally Rewarding Prestigious Profession as an Internationally Recognized Master Certified Senior Practitioner today.

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Delivered on a recurring basis, this program caters to professionals with demanding schedules.

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Elevate to mastery and excel as a highly sought after MCC.

Dive into a transformative journey tailored to nurture your professional evolution as authentically as you are, bringing in deeper essence to your coaching practice, reinventing the true maestro in you. At this expansive stage, as an aspiring MCC, excellence isn’t just an accolade; it’s the power of your presence. At the heart of this presence lies your commitment to profoundly impact individuals, professionals, and organizations, empowering them to transcend boundaries and reach their zenith.

This is your opportunity to refine and grow deep mastery of coaching from an early stage of your career. At the Senior Practitioner Level, we focus on:

  • Unlearning ‘old habits’ and relearning mastery of coaching
  • Being vs. doing
  • Harnessing the mastery of presence
  • Neuroscience integrated psychology and ancient reflective practices for a masterful coach
  • Evoking profound transformation at the moment in contrast to applying structures and models
  • Robust, practical execution of ICF MCC competency and best practices
  • Step-by-step process on how to record two winning coaching recordings for the MCC application
  • Full coverage of MCC credential requirements 

Our Level Three MCC Program does not offer a coaching specialization. Our coaching specializations are available at Levels 1 and 2. At Level 3, we guide you to master your specialization, elevating the true essence of transformation you create for your clients.

With modern developments in Coaching Science, this profession offers a rewarding career path that not only benefits clients but also brings you personal/professional fulfillment and financial prosperity. We at Ignite Global pioneer specialized masterful coach education, enabling you to expand your horizons and become a highly sought-after specialized MCC.

Professional Coaching Advanced Mastery Certification offers a comprehensive professional development path fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF – the Golden Standard for Coaching), leading you to the Master Certified Senior Practitioner Level through our Advance Bridge. The advanced bridge program provides you the opportunity to incorporate mastery of coaching science and best practices from an early stage of your career as a professional coach and truly embody the Senior Practitioner Designation in full capacity, confidence, and credibility.

This program is equipped to effectively develop you as a Master Certified Senior Practitioner within 12 months, and you can complete the Level Three Certification within 4 to 6 months. This enables you to further your practice and offer true masterful coaching with assurance and credibility as an ICF Designated Master Certified Coach.

The instructor-led ICF Level Three Certification spans 8 weeks of virtual live classes, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from around the globe in real-time. The prerequisite to join this program requires a minimum of 125 hours of Coach Specific Education, a minimum of 500 hours of delivery of coaching experience, and proficiency in the English Language.

And our Global Professional Network of seasoned professionals awaits to support you through your journey. To guide you towards success, we also include a comprehensive marketing and business development strategy at no extra charge to support your development.



Designation: Master Certified Senior Practitioner

Certification: Professional Coaching Advanced Mastery Certification

Commences: You can start your coach training anytime from January 7, 2024, and onwards, or strategize to begin it on a specific date as classes run on a recurring basis.

Virtual Class Structure: Twice-a-month three-hour live classes.

Recognition: Fully Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Designation Level: ICF Level Three Education for Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential

Prerequisites: minimum of 125 hours of Coach Specific Education, a minimum of 500 hours of delivery of coaching experience, and proficiency in the English Language

Certification Instruction Hours: 75 to 150 Hours of ICF Accredited Coach Education along with 30 hours of Mentoring over 6 months of professional development.

Education Pedagogy: Adult-centric Interactive Learning Methodology

Business Strategy: Marketing and Business Development Strategy included.

Community Support: Join our Global network of thousands of professionals.

Is a career in coaching the right path for you?

Level Three Programs are designed to support coaches in acquiring the MCC credential, expanding the practical mastery of coaching. If you would like to understand our programs in-depth and create a customized professional development path, request a strategy call, and we will help you commence your professional development at the right stage.

Our Level Three Program welcomes:

  • Experienced coaches seeking to deepen their presence and impact

  • Experienced coaches applying for the ICF MCC Credential

  • Leaders who are looking to deepen their professional application

  • Coaches with ICF accredited or non-accredited training to formalize their credentials with ICF Levels upgrade. 

  • Mental health professionals looking to enhance their skills with the ICF Coaching Framework.

  • Reflective Practitioners, educators, social workers, healthcare providers, and spiritual leaders.


Your one-stop-service for ICF-accredited Coach Education and Coach Specific Professional Development

Ignite Global is a global coach-specific education provider operating in five continents and is fully accredited by the ICF. We provide comprehensive coaching education globally, both in-person and virtually; our clients range from Fortune 500 Companies, Royals, celebrities, leaders, educators, and professionals to students.

Ignite Global offers top-tier Professional Coaching and Leadership Development solutions and is committed to holistic development, aiming to create lasting and sustainable transformation for both individuals and organizations.

Our services include ICF-accredited Coaching Certifications for Coaching Individuals, Groups and Teams, and Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting, Healing and Expansion of Consciousness, Creating Coaching Culture for organizational success, addressing specific developmental needs, and crafting tailor-made Leadership Solutions.


At Ignite Global, we offer top-tier Professional Coaching and Leadership Development solutions and we are committed to comprehensive development, aiming to create lasting and sustainable impacts for both individuals and organizations.
With the excellence we deliver, we have organically positioned ourselves as an Elite Coach Education and Service Provider.

As our slogan boasts, we innovate, redefine, and pioneer the future of Specialized Professional Coaching. Below are the key coaching specializations we offer. We also create custom specializations based on your unique needs.

  • Senior Practitioner In Executive/Leadership, Group & Team Coaching
  • Senior Practitioner In Child/Adolescent Development And Parenting Coaching
  • Senior Practitioner In Trauma-Informed Life Coaching
  • Senior Practitioner In Trauma-Informed Coaching Specializing In Psychedelic Integration
  • Senior Practitioner Of Modern Spirituality​

We are also within the umbrella organization of the Global Center for Reflective Practices and Consciousness, encompassing true reflective aspects of coaching in our programs. You also gain access to our E-learning Platform, Awaken Mind Gude, as well as co-create Trauma Integration and Spiritual Aspects via our sister organization Evolving Temple. This makes Ignite Global Programs a unique and rare comprehensive possibility.

We are an ecosystem of Coach Education and Professional Development with a wealth of Professional Network of 1000s of coaches, therapists, doctors, leaders, and professionals from many different industries from all corners of the world.

Honoring your commitment to becoming an ICF Credentialed Coach and creating an impact on your clients, we would like to gift you a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that enables you to reach out to a wider clientele. 

  • Ignite Business Incubator – Valued at 3000 USD, get six months of business coaching that takes you from the initial stages of setting up your coaching business to achieving success. This program includes 12 individualized 90-minute business coaching sessions conducted in small groups to ensure you receive personalized attention for maximum business impact. This program is valued at 3000 USD.
  • Ignite Business Mastermind – Valued at 1200 USD, gain access to a year-long program featuring live masterclasses that offer proven business development and marketing strategies. These sessions will guide you through the process of establishing your coaching business with a focus on organic growth, providing step-by-step guidance.

If you would like to understand the intricacies of this program and strategize your professional development journey, reach out to Leah from our team at [email protected], we look forward to assisting you regardless of where you are in your coaching journey.

Because we train highly sought-after coaches who demonstrate professional excellence and industry success!

Starting your professional coaching journey with Ignite Global offers several compelling advantages. First, Ignite Global boasts a strong track record of successful coaching engagements, fostering confidence in our ability to help you achieve your career objectives. Our experienced and certified coaches bring expertise in coaching methodologies and industry knowledge, ensuring the effective delivery of results-oriented coaching. We have a thriving professional network of coaches who we train to co-create, support, and build alliances globally, enabling you to become part of a global community immediately.

At Ignite Global, we provide you the possibility to customize coaching programs tailored to your unique needs, fostering relevance and effectiveness in your development. We are able to accommodate your needs whether you are a newcomer, a seasoned coach with no credentials, or an ICF Credentialed Coach.

We take the holistic, heart-based, and transformative approach that encompasses professional aspirations and personal growth, promoting a well-balanced and fulfilling life for your clients and yourself.

With Ignite Global, you’ll benefit from the strong accountability and support system while gaining access to a professional network, opening doors to new opportunities, and ensuring a comprehensive coaching qualification tailored to your success.

What Our Students Say

Meet Your Lead Facilitator
Fernando Hettiyadura, MCC

Fernando Hettiyadura is the founder of Ignite Global, Evolving Temple, and Awaken Mind Guide, an ecosystem of organizations dedicated to harnessing the potential of the human mind for creating healing, life enhancement, and spiritual development.

As the founder and the ICF Program Director at Ignite Global 360, Fernando provides leadership to a comprehensive ecosystem of ICF-Accredited Specialized Professional Development Programs, guiding newcomers to seasoned professional coaches through mastery and beyond. Ignite Global offers comprehensive Coach Specific Education encompassing ICF Levels One, Two, and Three, aligned with the ICF credentials ACC, PCC, MCC, and ACTC.

All Ignite Global professional development paths lead to the Senior Practitioner designation, with a range of specializations, including Generalist Coach, Executive & Leadership Coach, Group & Team Coach, and Coach of Modern Spirituality. Leading in foresight and innovation, Fernando introduced two distinct ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Qualifications: the Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration Coach Certification and the Child/Adolescent Development & Parenting Coaching Certification, enriching the spectrum of specialized coaching.

Fernando developed the ICF-Accredited Group & Team Coaching Mastery Certification four years before the ICF released the official Team Coaching Competencies. With his extensive experience as a Team Coach, he assists organizations in forming high-performing leadership teams, team conflict resolution, and fostering a coaching culture.

Fernando sees himself as an empathetic catalyst for the growth of professionals and organizations. All his learning and development interventions are founded on the belief that every individual possesses infinite innate wisdom to foster a thriving and fulfilling personal and professional life. Boasting 18 years of experience and over 4,000 hours of documented coaching and therapy, Fernando caters to a diverse and global clientele. This includes students, professionals, leaders, influencers from all backgrounds, and organizations driven by transformation.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Fernando cherishes moments of meditation, revels in nature, and is an avid salsa dancer.

Meet your Team Coach Supervisor for ACTC Benita Stafford Smith MCC


Benita Stafford-Smith is an ICF Master Certified Coach, an accredited Coach Supervisor, a certified Systemic Team Coach,  EMCC EIA, Individual Contributor, Coaching and EMCC ESIA  Individual Contributor, Supervision, and a certified Culture Coach. Overall, Benita has proudly coached over 6,000 hours with hundreds of clients spread across three continents.  She has been providing Supervision to individual and team coaches since 2016, often virtually and through a translator. 

Currently, Benita manages the coaching practice for an HR Consulting, where leading organizations and their executive teams trust Benita’s expertise to enable them to get clarity on the results they want to achieve and how to accomplish them. Benita and her team of coaches are helping organizations to create coaching cultures and experience the benefits of putting people at the centre of their strategy and performance.

Benita is the author of two published books, co-author of another two, a frequent blogger, and has articles published in traditional media outlets.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul”.    Carl Jung


Start your Professional Journey to acquiring the MCC Credential; secure your seat for the upcoming cohort.

We look forward to welcoming you to a paradigm-shifting experience.


If you would like to understand in depth or clarify your questions and align your unique requirements, request a complimentary strategy call.

Important Note

Important Note: Trial classes are applicable only while there are seats remaining for the 2023 cohort commencing on the 31 October. In case the cohort is full, we will inform you via email and add you to a trial class for the cohort that will take place in 2024.

If you need further assistance, reach out to Leah from our team at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued trust in Ignite Global. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to becoming a highly sought-after coach.

If you need further assistance, reach out to Leah from our team at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued trust in Ignite Global. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to becoming a highly sought-after coach.

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