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Are you passionate about creating an impact on individuals, professionals, and organizations?

Then this Q&A Session is your opportunity to learn about your transition into the Professional Coaching World.

The Session is conducted by Fernando Hettiyadura, the founder of Ignite Global, Evolving Temple, and Awaken Mind Guide - a group of organizations dedicated for Healing and Mind Development with a Global reach. Fernando is a Multidisciplinary Therapist, Master Certified Coach (ICF) with experience of over 18 years. He combines Neuroscience, Energy & Eastern Practices into unique holistic and heart-based interventions in creating breakthroughs in transforming lives and organizations. Come learn from the best!

Fernando Hettiyadura

Time & Date

Sunday the 29th of May from 7 pm to 8 pm (GMT +7)


The Q&A Session is conducted via Zoom conferencing. Once you register, you will receive the confirmation and the Zoom link to join the session.

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Did you know?

Coaching industry is the second-fastest growing sector in the world – PwC

The coaching industry market size was expected to reach a value of $20B, yet exceeded the estimations.
International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The global health coach market size was $14.48 billion in 2021
Precedence Research

The business coaching industry within the U.S. is worth over $14.2B (and it’s growing)
(IBIS World)

The corporate wellness market is projected to be worth $84.5 billion by 2027
(Primal Health Coach Institute)

99% of individuals and companies coached are satisfied or very satisfied
According to IPEC

Schools and Universities make up the largest segment of the online coaching market
(Verified Market Research)

The global executive coaching market is valued at $9.3 billion
(Future Market Insights)

The life coach industry is worth $1.4 billion, growing 3.2% per year
(IBIS World)

Yet, there are only about 50,000 Credentialed coaches sharing this wealth! – ICF
Opportunities are endless!

What to expect?

Essential insights to know before you begin as a Professional Coach | Join this live Q&A Session and clarify all your questions.

Become a Masterful Coach or Inspiring Leader

Become an expert in Coaching Science and Human Potential Development Methodologies that will create an organic clientele as a coach or enhance your leadership mastery. The program encompasses comprehensive business development enabling you to organically build your coaching business.

Globally Recognized Accreditation

Learn about the importance of prestigious accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and clarify the technicalities of professional development to become a Globally Recognized Coach.

Become part of a Professional Community

Grow your international connections by joining Ignite community and co-create inspiration and success with a Global network of like-minded Professionals and Leaders.

Impact People’s Lives without a Psychology Degree

Accelerate helping people and creating value without having to undertake years-long expensive Psychology Degrees. You are able to complete our Certified Coach Program within 4 to 6 months and start delivering real-world coaching – guaranteed!

Heart-based Holistic Approach to Transformation

Learn how to breakthrough lasting impact and transformation in individuals and organizations to stand out as a unique Professional Coach.

Make a Calculated Decision

We understand that transitioning into a new profession needs careful consideration. With our flexible payment options, begin your ICF Accredited Professional Certification.


How to become a successful entrepreneur as a coach

Free ICF Level 1 Certification Coaching Webinar Image 1

Use your inner motivation to become a successful professional coach

Inner motivation is key to succeeding as a coach, helping you stay focused and resilient in a competitive field. This article provides tips on tapping into your inner drive for passion and purpose to achieve success in coaching.

Learn how to choose the right niche for your coaching career

Choosing the right coaching niche is vital. Identify your strengths, skills, and interests to solve specific problems, stand out, and attract the right clients. This webinar provides tips for selecting an ideal niche, including audience targeting, market analysis, and self-evaluation.

Free ICF Level 1 Certification Coaching Webinar Image 2

Benefits From This Program

What are the benefits from this program


Who acquire this Professional Qualification?


What our students had to say about us

Fernando has been a Brilliant Trainer, Mentor and Coach. His trainings have been Super Organzied, Structured, Time managed with the reading material, pre and post readings , recordings etc to be done. He creates great energy , active participation, fun into a very enjoyable , informative sessions .The trainings being so interactive and engaging, never realised hpw 4 hrs went by at each class. Together with Lux and their very compassionate heart, that they put into every participant, you feel special , involved and supported both for training itself and ones future scope and growth. Will definitely be going back to Ignite Global, to further my journey on coaching path and empowering myself and others. Thank You Fernando for the Great work you do .

Sonali Adikari
Sonali Adhikari

Purser, Emirates

I recently completed the Ignite Global PCMC online course with lead coach instructor Fernando and his very capable team of mentor coaches. In researching online coach training programs suitable for an ICF PCC accreditation, there were only a few that were highly rated, affordable, and flexible enough to meet my needs. Coach Fernando is a highly passionate, caring, and giving coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and presents even the driest topics (ex: ICF code of ethics) in a creative and engaging manner. I am very much looking forward to the follow-on Ignite Global mentor coaching sessions as I continue to pursue my PCC credential

Geoff Mendal
Geoff Mendal

Coach, Mendal Consulting

I had the privilege of joining the Ignite Global community through the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification for Groups and Teams. It is difficult to express with simple words how beneficial and life-changing that experience was. Deep content, thoroughness, structure, fun and so much more! Coach Fernando is an extraordinary human being and an amazing teacher, driven by a passion for people and his calling, with endless compassion and humility. I highly recommend training with Ignite Global to anyone wanting to start a career in coaching, or looking for their next certification/accreditation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this mind-blowing journey!

Natalie Berridge

Transformative Coach


Frequently asked questions

Free ICF Level 1 Certification Coaching Webinar Image 3

What is the ICF Level 1 coach certification program, and what are the requirements for becoming a certified coach?

The ICF Level 1 coach certification program is a globally recognized certification for coaches, designed to ensure that coaches meet a certain standard of excellence in their coaching practice. The requirements for becoming a certified coach vary depending on your level of education and experience, but typically include completion of an ICF-approved coach training program, demonstration of coaching skills through recorded sessions, and passing the ICF Level 1 coach certification exam.

What are the core competencies that I will learn in this training, and how can I apply them in my coaching practice?

The core competencies that you will learn in this training include establishing trust and intimacy with clients, active listening and powerful questioning, coaching presence, creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal-setting, and managing progress and accountability. These competencies are essential for effective coaching and will help you build strong relationships with your clients.

How can I prepare for the ICF Level 1 coach certification exam, and what resources are available to help me study?

To prepare for the ICF Level 1 coach certification exam, we recommend studying the ICF Code of Ethics, reviewing the core competencies, and practicing coaching skills with other coaches or clients. There are also many resources available online, including practice exams, study guides, and webinars.

What kind of support can I expect to receive from this training program, both during and after the webinar?

We are committed to providing ongoing support to our training participants, both during and after the webinar. During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with our experienced trainers. After the webinar, you will have access to our online community, where you can connect with other coaches and access additional resources to support your coaching practice.


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