Redefine, Innovate and Pioneer
the Future of Specialized Professional Coaching

Redefine, Innovate and Pioneer
The Future of Specialized Professional Coaching

We pioneer the ICF Levels Certifications among Coach Education providers worldwide who are able to offer ICF’s Newest Levels Accredited Coach Certification. And we are your 360 Boutique Coach Education partner fully equipped with all you require to become a Pioneer as a Professional Coach. Our programs are designed with Coaching Mastery, Developmental Neuroscience and Best Practices from the industry, enabling you to confidently step into the real-world of coaching as a Masterful Professional Coach.

10 Reasons Why Ignite Global

  1. Begin your Coach-Specific Professional Development right now, or as soon as you are ready. Our programs are meticulously created to be available instantly. Both self-paced and live components of our programs are available to you immediately. With our pragmatic program structure, you can start your training today.
  2. Access affordable Professional Development. While we are recognized as a globally sought-after coach education provider, you’ll find that our programs stand out for being exceptionally affordable as we are committed to making education available to as many professional coaches as possible. Our program fee structure is transparent and available on the website as we strongly adhere to the ICF Ethical Guidelines.
  3. Access all in one place. We are a 360 coach education provider. We offer comprehensive coach-specific professional development and all related services. Our programs accommodate aspiring coaches new to the coaching world as well as seasoned coaches and leaders, encompassing coach-specific education, specialization programs, ICF credentials, gaining coaching experience, mentoring, supervision, and support in marketing and business development.
  4. Become part of a diverse global community. We embrace individuals with varied cultural backgrounds and professional experiences and connect them to a robust network of alumni worldwide through strategic global alliances literally from around the world.
  5. Become a pioneering specialist. We take pride in offering an array of robust and comprehensive specializations to ensure our coaches stand out in the evolving landscape of coaching. Access some of the world’s first-ever and only specializations available at Ignite Global.
  6. Learn from the best. All of our ICF educators and mentors possess ICF PCC or MCC credentials, boast significant industry experience, and are trained in adult-centric learning pedagogy.
  7. Access personalized support. We go beyond being just a certification provider; we establish a global community that offers support from day one. Our commitment extends far beyond the training period – you gain a lifetime of support for your professional development within our global community.
  8. Benefit from the flexibility to match your pace. You are able to complete each level of coach certification or specialization stage in an intensive 6 months or extend the journey over 18 months, tailoring it to your unique aspirations.
  9. Directly address your unique professional and personal needs. We accommodate coaches with diverse backgrounds, whether you’re a newcomer, a non-ICF trained coach, have other ICF-affiliated coach education, or are a credentialed coach. We are delighted to tailor a customized journey that aligns with your comfort and supports your unique professional development needs.
  10. Experience excellence. We take great pride in championing effective communication and building true relationships. We are committed to assisting you directly and efficiently, and all our communications are executed by real human beings – not AI-generated. In a world where profit surpasses human connection, we prioritize and highly value genuine human interactions.
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Redefine, Innovate and Pioneer
The Future of Specialized Professional Coaching

Get ICF-accredited Coaching Certifications at all levels – ACC, PCC, and MCC. Join our vibrant community of certified coaches and make your coaching dreams a reality!

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Begin Your Journey

Ignite Global offers a program tailored to your interests, whether you’re drawn to life coaching, group coaching, executive coaching, leadership development, child and adolescent coaching, parent coaching, or any other specialty. Ready to make a significant, long-lasting impact in your own life or the lives of others? Take the first step by selecting one of these options.

Become a Professional Certified Coach

Turn your aspiration of becoming a coach into reality with our program. Learn at your own pace and accelerate your coaching career.

Build Carrier with Our ICF Credential Support

Unlock your professional potential and advance your career with our comprehensive ICF credential support.

Continuing Professional Coach Education

Continue your professional coach education with our e-learning platform, Awaken Mind Guide.

What Our Students Say

Be part of the Social Impact

Create Ripples of Positivity

Ignite Global is committed to making a difference in underprivileged communities. When you register for any of the programs offered by Ignite Global, you become part of this Social Impact Movement. 

For every program you join, we will offer Human-Centered Leadership Training to a deserving youth from an underprivileged background who will in turn commit to applying the skills learnt from the training in their communities. This way, together we empower communities in need. 

And as part of the Ignite Tribe, we would love to invite you to join Ignite Social Impact Programs in the capacity of a Coach, Mentor or Facilitator if you would find it emotionally rewarding.

Redefine, Innovate and Pioneer the Future of Specialized Professional Coaching

Our programs are created and delivered with much purpose and passion. Personally for me, it is not about delivering a training, it is about sharing the power of transformation with individuals and organizations like you, who are passionate about making a positive impact in self, others and the world.

Fernando Hettiyadura

MSc (UK), BSc Hons (USA), MCC
Founder and Director of ICF Coach Education
Ignite Global

Fernando Hettiyadura
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