Free Privilege of Ignite Graduates 

Gain Experience and Deliver Coaching in Ignite Business Incubator

As part of the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification for Coaching Groups and Teams, you have the privilege to apply your skills into real-world practice via Ignite Business Incubator.

Ignite Business Incubator provides you the opportunity to deliver six months of business coaching, guiding coaches graduated from Ignite Global to strategize their Coaching Business from scratch to success. The cohort includes 12 Business Coaching sessions each with 90 minutes. The sessions are conducted in a small group setting providing your coachees individual attention to maximize their business impact. We will group you, the Certified Group and Team Coaches into small units depending on the number of coachees opt for the upcoming cohort, and you will deliver the Business Group Coaching Sessions taking turns based on a format that is most convenient for you.


The dates and the timing of the actual group coaching sessions are mutually agreed upon between you as the coaches with the coachees assigned to you. And we will help you match your group of Group & Team Coaches as a unit based on the best convenient time zone for you.


I would like to invite you to a Group & Team Coaches ONLY meeting to strategize and prepare for the intervention and creating the small units on the 7th February from 7pm to 9pm Bangkok Time (GMT +7).

Here are some tips on how you can start preparing:

+ If you are comfortable directly creating your small unit of coaches, feel free to reach out to each other from your PCMCGT cohort and come up with a small unit of Group and Team Coaches not more than 4 in each unit and inform us.

+  If you prefer to be matched into a unit, please join the meeting on the 7th (or share your interest via email), and we will include you into a unit.

+ We will match your unit of Group & Team Coaches with your Coachees on the 12th of February. (Please see the time slots mentioned below for the combined meeting)

+ We will match your unit with coachees in an interactive way, where the coachees can vote for two options of units to work with based on how you promote your unit as a business coaching provider during this matching meeting.

+ To promote yourself to the coachees, you may start preparing a brief presentation (a few slides if you like) to present within 7 minutes. Think about this as you are preparing a Group Business Coaching Program, hence what topics, value, outcomes, coaching styles, additional assistance, support you would like to provide to the coachees.

+ Prepare yourself to present an attractive value proposition that most coachees will choose you as their Group Coach Unit.

+ Once the vote is casted, we will let you know who (coachees) will be in your unit.

We will conduct the initial matching session as per the schedule below. Please email Leah from Ignite team with your preferred option in order for us to confirm your participation in the 2023 Business Incubator Cohort. (Email at the bottom of the page)

  • Option 1:12th February 4:00 to 5.30 pm (PST) San Francisco Time – | 7:00 pm to 8.30 pm (EST) New York Time
  • Option 2:  12th February  8:00 to 9.30 am (GMT) London time | 9:00 to 10.30 am (CET) Paris Time | 9:00 to 10.30 am (WAT) Nigeria Time / 3:00 to 4.30 pm (ICT) Bangkok Time / 7:00 to 9.30 pm (AEDT) Melbourne Time.

During this session, we will match you with your Coachees. Then you will collectively decide on dates and the timings for the group sessions directly among yourself.

The key advantage of participating in the incubator are:

+ Practice real-world coaching with a set of coachees who intend to establish their coaching business.

+ Acculimlat the hours towards your ICF Credential (both ICF team Coaching Credential as well as ICF Individual Credentialing).

+ Receive testimonials from these coachees to enrich your portfolio.

+ Potentially build an alliance and make the offering as a paid group coaching engagement in the future.

+ Gain visibility via social media promotions of this engagement.

+ Apart from learning from collective business development outcomes created by the coachees in your unit, you are also able to participate as a coachee with another unit.

Please Note:

  • You are able to deliver group coaching via the Business Incubator Sessions for free of charge only within one cohort.
  • Should you wish to re-participate as a Group and Team Coach, a service fee of 100 USD is applicable.
  • Please provide highest commitment to this engagement as you are commiting to the 6 months of coaching as a unit along with your colleagues.
  • Once confirmed your participation in the Ignite Incubator Cohort, whether or not you delivered the sessions, your free privilege to deliver coaching in the program is exhausted.
  • The business Incubator will take place only once a year.
  • If you are not prepared to deliver coaching in Business Incubator in 2023, you are welcome to reserve your Absolutely FREE privilege to attend the incubator in 2024 or the future.

[Actions Required]

You are required to confirm two of the below undertaking by emailing Leah at [email protected] on or before 6th February 2023.

  1. Please confirm your attendance to Group & Team Coaches ONLY meeting to prepare for the intervention on the 7th February. In case you are unavailable, let us know, we will add you to a unit and share the replay of the meeting with you.
  2. Please confirm your attendance for the matching sessions scheduled for 12th February by choosing the preferred option from above.

Additionally, if you would like to participate as a coachee with another unit, please register here.

If you have any questions, reach out to Leah from our team via [email protected].

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