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World’s First-Ever ICF-Accredited Professional Coaching Qualification for Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration is now at your fingertips.


Pioneer a Prestigious Profession with World’s FIRST ICF-Accredited Senior Practitioner Specializing in Trauma-informed Psychedelic Integration Coaching!


Pioneer an Emotionally Rewarding Prestigious Profession as an Internationally Recognized Trauma-informed Life Coach today!

Are you an aspiring psychedelic integration practitioner?

Do you aspire to begin a practice that enables you to accompany individuals in their healing and developmental journeys, and truly create paradigm-shifting transformation in them?

Or do you resonate with the term ‘wounded healer’ and feel a calling to hold space for individuals in breaking through conditioning and trauma, and tapping into their innate potential to create a thriving life? 

Then you are at the right place at the right time!

Quick registration for introductory sessions or enroll now as only few seats left.


If you are ready to commence this emotionally rewarding journey, secure your seat for the next ICF-Accredited Professional Coaching Advanced Mastery Certification specializing in Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration cohort commencing on the 15th of October now, as only a few seats are available.

Among the modern breakthroughs in psychedelic research led by esteemed institutions such as Johns Hopkins and Imperial College London, along with numerous other studies, the exceptional healing and mind-enhancing capabilities of Plant Psychedelic Medicine have been clinically confirmed to be beyond the traditional norms. These findings represent a breakthrough of unprecedented power and potential, indicating that psychedelics not only facilitate healing but also expand one’s consciousness, foster a fulfilling and flourishing life, provide pathways to address trauma, open the mind to greater realities, and be a powerful catalyst in spiritual development.

In our journey from an embryo to adulthood, every human being on Earth experiences a spectrum of trauma through the course of life, and most are unaware of how the invisible wounds such as limiting beliefs, past traumas, deep-rooted conditioning, and even disruptive traits of epigenetics often stand between an individual and their potential, especially when inhibiting the potential for greatness.

MRI Neuroimaging demonstrates the hyper-connected state of Psychedelic induced human brain, which can not be achieved with the regular conscious state. This state acts as a rapid catalyst to create a vibrational change in the human being, enabling profound, long-lasting changes in the personal and professional lives of individuals. Integrating reflective practices, somatic awareness, and forward movement accompanied by a professional coaching framework enables the individuals to break through personal limitations and create an impact within themselves in a considerably short period of time with a life-long, powerful impact.

The image shows an fMRI imaging of the areas responsible for the Default Mode Network (DMN) of your brain which hosts the sense of self. Image resource: Wikipedia

Although the power of Psychedelic Plant Medicine has been shaping the evolution of human civilization from ancient times, Psychedelic Integration is a new spectrum to the coaching industry, and we are proud to pioneer the world’s first-ever Professional Qualification of its own kind fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation. In today’s fast-paced world, personal and professional development is evolving rapidly, and the power of Psychedelic Medicine provides humankind with an intervention to speed up the evolution and expansion of the human mind. This is your opportunity to be at the forefront of the transformation with a unique, emotionally rewarding, and significant income-generating practice.

As a Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration Coach, make eminent empowerment in yourself, the people you love, and most importantly, your clients!

This qualification encompasses a comprehensive professional development path fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF – the Golden Standard for Coaching), leading you to the Master Certified Senior Practitioner Level. 

This program pragmatically develops you as a Master Certified Senior Practitioner Level in 18 months, and you are able to complete the Level One Certification within 8 weeks, which enables you to jump-start your practice and become a Senior Practitioner with confidence and credibility as an ICF Designated Associate Certified Coach specializing Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration.

The instructor-led ICF Level One Certification runs through 8 weeks of virtual real-time live classes, giving you the opportunity to co-create with like-minded professionals, coaches, therapists, healers, and shamans from around the world in live co-creation. There are no specific prerequisites such as formal education in Psychology, Neuroscience, or Psychedelics Integration to commence the Level One Certification; all you need is a compassionate heart to empower and heal others. We will guide you through every step of the way to learn about Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration Coaching and its practical application.

During Level One, you as a practitioner are not required to administer Plant Psychedelic Medicine to your clients; you will be accompanying your clients through the pre-session preparation and the post-session integration.

If you are a complete newcomer to this space, we are proud of our strength that we have a Global Professional Network of like-minded healers and professionals waiting to welcome you and support you through your journey. 

We are committed to assisting you in developing a successful practice; hence, we include a comprehensive marketing and business development strategy for absolutely free of charge.

Program in brief:

Designation: Senior Practitioner of Trauma-informed Psychedelic Integration

Certification: Professional Coaching Advanced Mastery Certification specializing in Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration

Commences: on October 15, 2023, from 7pm to 11pm (GMT +7) and offered only once a year

Virtual Class Structure: Eight Interactive Sessions over 8 consecutive weeks or learn at your own phase through our E-learning platform.

Recognition: Fully Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Designation Level: ICF Level One Education for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential

Prerequisites: Conversational English Language and passion for healing and transformation

Certification Instruction Hours: 60 Hours of ICF Accredited Coach Education along with 30 hours of Mentoring over 6 months of professional development.

Education Pedagogy: Adult-centric Interactive Learning Methodology

Alumni Loyalty Program: Gain exclusive benefits for being a part of the Ignite Alumni Network

Business Strategy: Comprehensive Marketing and Business Development Strategy, including 6 months of small group business coaching (complimentary)

Community Support: We look forward to welcoming you to a Global network of 1000s of professionals.

Why Choose Trauma-Informed Coaching specializing in Psychedelic Integration?

Because this qualification grants you to become one of the first-ever Professionally Qualified Psychedelic Integration Coach Practitioner with the ICF Accreditation.

This Senior Practitioner Qualification seeks to empower you and your clients to harness the transformative essence of superior states of consciousness through psychedelic experiences, anchoring you firmly in your and your client’s continuous journey of healing, life enhancement, and spiritual attainment. This operates within legal parameters, focusing on guiding and supporting clients through post-experience preparation and integration.

Although this is an advanced certification, we welcome newcomers. Even if you haven’t had prior experience with psychedelics, our program is designed to guide you gradually toward becoming a Senior Practitioner. In this role, you will effectively apply Modern Spirituality principles and Psychedelic Integration within the professional coaching framework of ICF, guiding transformative conversations. Our approach is enriched by the integration of ancient philosophies, contemporary techniques, and evidence-based practices rooted in neuroscience and research.

If you’re unsure about administering Psychedelics to your clients, no worries! This program offers the flexibility to work with clients who can self-administer.

Is this an emotionally rewarding profession for you?

The Level One program is designed for individuals who are absolutely new as a practitioner or to the coaching profession (and if you are an experienced or even credentialed practitioner, we would like to welcome you to our ICF Level Two Certification at PCC Credential Level focusing on Psychedelic Integration). Additionally, this program welcomes;

Newcomers to the practitioner profession who aspire to become an Accredited Senior Practitioner of Trauma-informed Coaching specializing in Psychedelic Integration

Experienced practitioners looking to specialize in trauma-informed coaching with psychedelic integration.

Mental health professionals seeking to enhance their skills and expand their practice with ICF Coaching Framework.

Educators, social workers, and healthcare providers interested in trauma-sensitive reflective and spiritual practices.

Anyone passionate about making a difference in the lives of those affected by trauma.

Anyone ready to utilize psychedelics as a catalyst for healing, life enhancement, and spiritual attainment

Individuals seeking to self-heal from trauma.


Psychedelic integration plays a crucial and beneficial role in the coaching profession for several reasons. Firstly, psychedelics have the unique ability to induce temporary alterations in specific areas of the brain when administered in a controlled and therapeutic environment. This alteration allows individuals to transcend ordinary consciousness and access profound, out-of-body-like states. 

Coaches with specialized training in psychedelic integration are equipped to guide their clients through these extraordinary experiences, assisting them in making sense of the insights gained during these altered states. This guidance is invaluable in helping individuals integrate the profound lessons and revelations from their psychedelic journeys into their everyday lives. By doing so, coaches can aid clients in harnessing the transformative potential of these experiences, facilitating lasting personal growth, and promoting well-being. In essence, psychedelic integration in the coaching profession serves as a powerful tool for helping individuals unlock their inner potential and navigate the complexities of their consciousness.

In Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Depression Study’s one-month follow-up, an impressive 70% of participants showed clinically significant improvement, with an additional 50% achieving full remission to a normal state, marking a notable positive trend in their mental health.

Moving on to the Cancer Study’s six-month follow-up, 80% of participants reported a clinical decrease in depression and anxiety, while a remarkable 67% ranked their journey as one of the top 5 spiritually meaningful experiences of their lives, and 70% considered it one of the top 5 meaningful experiences overall.

In another study conducted by John Hopkins Psychedelic Research, 80% of participants ranked their experience as profoundly significant, likening its impact to major life events like the birth of a child or losing a loved one.

Furthermore, 90% of healthy adults in the study noticed a positive shift in their life, feeling happier and enjoying improved relationships.

As a matter of fact, the study of Brain MRI Neuroimaging clinically concluded that the superior states of consciousness connect your cortexes (particularly your cerebral cortex, which is the outermost wrinkled gray matter of your brain involved in voluntary actions of your body and is linked to perception, language, memory, problem-solving, etc.) positively change and increase brain connectivity significantly several times higher than the usual state of your brain.

This is an infographic representation of scientifically accurate representation of brain connections. Diagram (a) shows the brain connections at our normal awake state. Diagram (b) shows the brain connections on Psilocybin. This is hyper connected state is where the mystical experience takes place and subconscious and unconscious transformation takes place in you. Resource: Journal of the Royal Society Interface.


We are your one-stop service for ICF Accredited Coach Education, Coach Specific Professional Development, Healing, Life Enhancement, and Spiritual Attainment programs.

Ignite Global: As a renowned global coach-specific education provider with a presence on five continents, Ignite Global holds full accreditation from the prestigious ICF. Our reach is vast, extending to clients from a spectrum of backgrounds, including Fortune 500 Companies, esteemed individuals like Royals and celebrities, as well as leaders, educators, professionals, and students. 

Our core mission is to deliver comprehensive coaching education on a global scale, both in person and virtually. Our services include ICF-accredited Coaching Certifications for Coaching Individuals, Groups and Teams, and Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting, Healing and Expansion of Consciousness, Creating a Coaching Culture for organizational success, addressing specific developmental needs, and crafting tailor-made Leadership Solutions, aiming to facilitate enduring and sustainable transformation for both individuals and organizations.

Evolving Temple: In a separate yet complementary domain, Evolving Temple’s primary focus revolves around healing, life enhancement, and spiritual attainment programs. Our offerings are rooted in the realms of personal transformation, spiritual growth, and overall well-being. While Ignite Global targets professional development and leadership, Evolving Temple’s mission is deeply spiritual and geared toward guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery, inner peace, and spiritual fulfillment.

With our two companies, we are able to introduce you to the World’s FIRST ICF-Accredited Senior Practitioner Specializing in Trauma-informed Psychedelic Integration Certification!


Apart from the Global accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, we are also within the umbrella organization of the Global Center for Reflective Practices and Consciousness, which enriches our programs with a profound focus on reflective and spiritual dimensions of coaching. Furthermore, as a participant, you will have exclusive access to our E-learning Platform, “Awaken Mind Guide,” and the opportunity to collaborate in the development of Trauma Integration and Spiritual Aspects through our sister organization, Evolving Temple. This distinctive combination makes Ignite Global Programs a truly exceptional and uncommon opportunity in the coaching landscape.

We are an ecosystem of Coach Education and Spiritual and Professional Development with a wealth of Professional Network of 1000s of coaches, therapists, doctors, consultants, and leaders from many different industries from all corners of the world.

We are a comprehensive one-stop-service for Providing Coaching Education and Continued Professional Development ranging from newcomers all the way to ICF Master Certified Senior Practitioners and beyond.

All of our Professional Certifications are open to individuals at any stage of their professional journey, whether you’re just starting out or already a seasoned Practitioner. Our programs empower you to reach the level of a Legendary Professional Practitioner, mastering your skills and enabling you to achieve the status of a Senior Practitioner in your chosen specialization.

Our programs are directly aligned with ICF’s Professional Development Path, encompassing Associate Certified Coach (ACC) at ICF Level One Certification, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) at ICF Level Two Certification, and Master Certified Coach (MCC) at ICF Level Three Certification and enables you to acquire these credentials through customized and pragmatic professional development path providing you support every step of the way.

All our programs run in three stages for each ICF Level Certification, addressing the requirements for ACC, PCC, MCC Credentials, and beyond. And this program covers all three stages of ICF Level One Certification. The three stages are:

ICF Level Stage One (L1S1): Gaining the knowledge of practical execution of Professional Practitioner and Coaching. The Certification includes 32 hours of ICF Accredited Certification Hours. This stage can be completed within two months.

ICF Level One Stage Two (L1S2): Gaining the experience of practical mastery of Professional Practitioner and Coaching, and gaining the confidence to deliver your services commercially. The Certification includes 28 hours of ICF Accredited Certification Hours. This stage can be completed within a month to three months.

ICF Level One Stage Three (L1S3): Meeting the requirements for respective ICF Credential all in one place with Ignite Global Comprehensive Ecosystem and applying for the ICF Credential. Includes all necessary for any ICF Credential ACC. This stage can be completed within a month to three months. 

As you become a professional Practitioner in the integration of Psychedelics and deliver real-world healing, expansion of consciousness, and creating the possibilities of Life Enhancement, we also include a comprehensive Marketing and Business Development Strategy for free of charge.

Honoring your commitment to becoming an ICF Credentialed Senior Practitioner and creating an impact on your clients, we would like to gift you with a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that enables you to reach out to a wider clientele. 

Ignite Business Mastermind – Valued at 1200 USD, gain access to a year-long program featuring live masterclasses that offer proven business development and marketing strategies. These sessions will guide you through the process of establishing your practice with a focus on organic growth, providing step-by-step guidance.

Ignite Business Incubator – Valued at 3000 USD, get six months of business coaching that takes you from the initial stages of setting up your practice to achieving success. This program includes 12 individualized 90-minute business coaching sessions conducted in small groups to ensure you receive personalized attention for maximum business impact.

Our Level One Stage One is our entry program for any newcomer, and we create holistic mastery of the ICF framework together with Psychedelic Integration with everything necessary (neuroscience, psychology, best practices, and all synchronous and asynchronous components) for you to deliver impactful coaching, creating powerful breakthroughs with your clients at a commercial professional standard, and it is guaranteed.

If you are an experienced practitioner with or without an ICF Credential, you are welcome to begin any of our specializations based on your experience level, unique needs, and aspirations.

If you are an experienced practitioner with no ICF Formal Training, we are able to assess your competency level and assist you in Globally Certifying or acquiring the ICF Credential without having to start your training from ground zero. 

If you would like to strategize your professional development journey, reach out to Leah from our team at [email protected], and we look forward to assisting you regardless of where you are in your coaching journey.

Newcomer: There are no formal prerequisites to enter Level One Stage One (L1S1). Proficiency in English is required as the programs are delivered in English Language. You are welcome to join us, whether or not you have prior experience with psychedelics.

If you’ve already embarked on profound spiritual and self-empowerment journeys through psychedelic integration, you’re likely aware of the transformational potential it holds. Moreover, if you possess a strong passion for making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and on a global scale, this profession is an excellent fit for you.

If you are an experienced coach/practitioner;

Prerequisite for ICF Level Two: Minimum of 60 Coach Specific Education (accredited or non-accredited) and 100 hours of coaching experience.

Prerequisite for ICF Level Three: Minimum of 125 Coach Specific Education (accredited or non-accredited) and 500 hours of coaching experience.

Our main business model is providing Coaching Services to Organizations, and we are passionate about sharing our in-depth coaching and knowledge with individuals from around the world, creating an impact in the world at the global level. 

Our coaches represent all income levels emerging from around the world; hence, we are committed to keeping our tuition fees at an affordable range without compromising the quality. Even though we are one of the most affordable coaching education providers, we only accept 12 students into our live cohorts, enabling maximum individual attention and rapid professional growth for you.

All our Level One Stage One (L1S1) Certifications Tuition Fees are standardized at 990 USD. This is your best option if you wish to explore the coaching profession before you dive deep.

All our Level One Stage Two (L1S2) Certifications Tuition Fees are maintained at 990 USD.

If you are committed to the journey, with the 60 Hours ICF Qualification (combining L1S1 and L1S2), you formally acquire the designation ‘Certified Coach’, having Completed an ICF Accredited Coach Specific Education Program. And this qualifies you to deliver coaching commercially at the industry standard. When joining for this option, the tuition fee is 1880 USD 1980 USD with a 100 USD discount included.

As you experience gradually, if you would like to demonstrate professional excellence, you are able to acquire the ICF Associate Certified Coach Credential by joining our Level One Stage Three (L1S3); the Tuition Fees are maintained at 1900 USD.

When you commit to ICF Associate Certified Coach Credential (combining L1S1, L1S2, and L1S3) the all-inclusive certification fee is 3580 USD 3880 USD inclusive of a 300 USD discount.

All tuition fees can be completed through up to 6 consecutive monthly installments with an additional 6% service fee. Please note this is only valid within the next 7 days, and this is a special offer for the 15th October 2023 cohort. It cannot be applied to any other promotions. Should you wish to opt for a more flexible payment plan, feel free to reach out; we will assist you to the best of our ability.

Incorporating Trauma and Therapy Modalities: This program combines trauma experiences and coaching principles as a driving force of conversational therapy. In addition, this program gives you access to various techniques of alternative multidisciplinary therapies.

Ethics in the Integration of Psychedelics: You will be introduced to the very strong ethics and principles of the integration of Psychedelics to the clients.

Deep Knowledge of pre-preparation and post-integration: We have developed a unique protocol only found at Ignite Global in collaboration with our sister organization, Evolving Temple, to effectively intervene in the developmental needs and the post-integration actively integrating lifelong profound change.

Prioritizing Safety: This modality is anchored in the principle of curating a secure, non-judgmental space for clients. Recognizing the potential for triggers emphasizes necessary adjustments to ensure client comfort and security.

Hands-on and Fully Online: This program is interactive, hands-on, and empowering. The program is delivered online via Zoom, and recordings are available on our e-learning platform, Awaken Mind Guide. This also leads to collaboration with individuals from all over the world.

No fixing the client: Moving away from a directive approach to fix your clients, trauma-informed coaching champions a collaborative stance, enabling your clients to realize their own healing based on a self-actualizing process, emphasizing client autonomy and choice throughout their healing trajectory.

A Comprehensive Approach: As a Senior Practitioner in Trauma-informed coaching specializing in Psychedelic Integration, we will enable you to take a heart-based, holistic, and transformational approach to treat your clients with confidence. Acknowledging that trauma permeates the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions, this methodology employs techniques catering to the entirety of an individual.

Harnessing Resilience: Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive the ICF Accredited Trauma-Informed Coach Certification, which will open doors to a fulfilling career with credibility.

Evidence-Based Coaching Methodology: Leveraging deep insights into the neurological and behavioral ramifications of trauma, coaches equipped with this training offer strategies meticulously tailored to the needs of those impacted by trauma.

FREE Marketing and Business Strategy: This program includes 12 months of business development and 6 months of Business Coaching for developing your business strategy to successfully launch your Coaching Business off the ground.

Affordability: You can enroll for this course for as low as 990 USD, becoming one of the most affordable global certifications around the world. Should you wish to opt for an installment option, reach out to us now.

Professional Growth and Community: We have a wealth of 1000s of coaches in our Alumni Professional Network, providing ongoing support and guidance with a community of like-minded professionals building Global alliances.

Because we train highly sought-after individuals who demonstrate professional excellence and industry success!

Starting your journey with Ignite Global offers several compelling advantages. First, Ignite Global boasts a strong track record of successful coaching engagements, fostering confidence in our ability to help you achieve your career objectives. Our experienced and certified coaches bring expertise in coaching methodologies and industry knowledge, ensuring effective guidance. We have a thriving professional network of coaches who we train to co-create, support, and build alliances globally, enabling you to become part of a global community immediately.

At Ignite Global, we provide you the possibility to customize coaching programs tailored to your unique needs, fostering relevance and effectiveness in your development. We are able to accommodate your needs whether you are a newcomer, a seasoned coach with no credentials, or an ICF Credentialed Coach.

We take the holistic, heart-based, and transformative approach that encompasses professional aspirations and personal growth, promoting a well-balanced and fulfilling life for your clients and yourself. With Ignite Global, you’ll benefit from the strong accountability and support system while gaining access to a professional network, opening doors to new opportunities, and ensuring a comprehensive coaching qualification tailored to your success.

What Our Students Say

Meet Your Lead Facilitator
Fernando Hettiyadura, MCC

Fernando Hettiyadura is the founder of Ignite Global, Evolving Temple, and Awaken Mind Guide, an ecosystem of organizations dedicated for harnessing the potential of the human mind in creating healing, life enhancement, and spiritual development. Driven by a deep curiosity and passion from childhood, Fernando dedicated his life to exploring the potential of human consciousness, enabling individuals and organizations to achieve excellence and fulfillment in both personal and professional lives.

His professional journey evolved as an ICF Master Certified Coach and an Alternative Multidisciplinary Therapist, leading unique developmental interventions embodying a holistic approach combining Neurosciences Integrated Psychology, Transformational Coaching, Alternative Therapies, and Psychedelic Integration. He combines modern science and ancient spiritual techniques such as Vipassana meditation offering heart-based, holistic deep transformation.

As the founder and the ICF Program Director at Ignite Global 360, Fernando created a comprehensive ecosystem of ICF-Accredited Specialized Professional Development Programs guiding newcomers to seasoned professional coaches through mastery and beyond.

Among many professional breakthroughs, Fernando provided leadership in pioneering two Professional Qualifications of their own kind with the ICF Accreditation birthing Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration Coach Certification and Child/Adolescent Development & Parenting Coaching Certification. Fernando also introduced the ICF-Accredited Group & Team Coaching Mastery Certification 4 years prior to ICF releasing the official Team Coaching Competencies.

Fernando positions himself as an empathetic catalyst for his clients’ expansion and all his interventions are deeply rooted in the principle that every individual has infinite innate wisdom within to create a thriving and fulfilled life. With 18 years of experience and over 4,000 hours of documented delivery of coaching and therapy, Fernando serves a diverse and global clientele, which includes students, individuals, professionals, leaders, and influencers from all walks of life as well as organizations committed to transformation.

Fernando embraces meditation, loves being in nature, and is a passionate salsa dancer.


If you are ready to commence this emotionally rewarding journey, secure your seat for the next ICF Accredited Professional Advance Coaching Mastery Certification for Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration Coaching cohort commencing on the 15th of October now, as only a few seats are available. Please note that we run this certification only once a year.

We look forward to welcoming you to a paradigm-shifting experience.

Require more information?

If you would like to understand in depth or clarify your questions. Join a limited introductory session here.

Important Note

Introductory sessions are applicable only while there are seats remaining for the 2023 cohort commencing on the 15th of October. In case the cohort is full, we will inform you via email and add you to an introductory session for the cohort that will take place in 2024.)

If you need further assistance, reach out to Leah from our team at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued trust in Ignite Global. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to becoming a highly sought-after coach.

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