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Reach Your Professional Aspirations in 3 Months or Less.

Set up a 20-minute complimentary strategy session with one of the Ignite faculty from here to begin your professional development now.


Accelerate Your Professional Development with Ignite Global

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, we recognize that everyone has unique learning approaches and development needs. At Ignite Global, our aim is to meticulously guide you through an accelerated ICF credentialing journey addressing your unique development requirements.

Our Accelerated Program Tracks are tailored for


Experienced coaches looking to gain ICF credentials at an accelerated pace.


Individuals taking a break from other major engagements such as work or education to focus on developing as a Professional Coach.


Fast learners seeking ICF Credential acquisition matching their developmental pace.


Those needing to acquire ICF Credentials within a short time frame to accommodate a specific milestone.

If you identify with any of these situations or have unique reasons for pursuing rapid professional development, you’re in the right place. We offer ICF Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Advanced Team Coaching Certification (Team Coach Certification) through our accelerated tracks combining ICF Credential Bundles enabling you to become an ICF Credentialed Coach in three months or less.

Why Choose Our Ignite Accelerated Coach Education Certification Tracks?

Customizable Paths

Understand your unique needs and tailor professional development to your learning pace.

Transfer Credits

If you have completed prior non-accredited coach-specific education, we are able to assess your existing qualifications, and skill level and enable you to fast-track your education. Please note: In such cases, you are required to demonstrate the competence required by the ICF standard.

Expert Guidance

Comprehensive additional support to ensure you achieve your goals.

Flexible Scheduling

Accommodate your needs, including urgent timelines.

Set up a 20-minute complimentary strategy session with one of the Ignite faculty from here to begin your professional development now.  If you can’t find a suitable time on our calendar, please reach out to Ms. Leah Rumaguera – our Relationships Officer via [email protected] with your inquiries in brief, your time zone, and location details. And she will assist you with the soonest possible appointment time.

Ignite Accelerated Program Tracks

Accelerated ICF Level One Certification and ACC Credential Program Track

60+ Hours of Level One Certification

Accelerated ICF Level Two Certification and PCC Credential Program Track

With 65+ Hours of Level Two Education with the possibility to Upgrade to 125 ICF Level Two Certification by combining with your previous Coach Education Hours from ACC Level

Accelerated ICF Level Three Certification and MCC Credential Program Track

75+ Hours Level Three Certification

Accelerated ICF Level Two or Three Certification and ACTC Credential Program Track

65+ Hours of Team Coach Certification for ACTC

Brief Information on how we facilitate Ignite Accelerated Program Tracks via Fully ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Advanced Mastery Certification

What is the ICF Certification Hours Standard?
  • A minimum of 50% of the Certification Hours for each ICF Level is required to be delivered as live synchronous classes.
  • The rest of the 50% of the Certification Hours can be delivered as self-paced with synchronous and/or asynchronous content.
  • 10 hours of mentoring are required. Minimum of 3 hours of Individual mentoring and the rest of the hours can be acquired via group mentoring.


How to gain these hours in a short span of time?
  • Complete at least 50% hours of online content at your own pace based on the Accelerated Program Track you intend to follow: Access our e-learning content via the ICF Core Training Course as well ICF Credential Preparation Course (over 60 hours available in our e-learning platform Awaken Mind Guide)
  • Join or re-watch at least 30 hours of live (or recorded content) by following the flexible schedule: Access four live classes, each class offering 3 live hours, and two mentoring sessions each offering 2 live hours a month. These live sessions enable you to gain over 16 live hours of certification requirement within a month.
  • Our live classes and mentoring sessions are ongoing and you are able to join them immediately after enrolment.
  • You have access to a minimum of 27 hours of mentoring via live sessions or recorded sessions.
  • The mentoring hours can also be counted into the certification hours.
  • Some transfer credits also can be considered for live or self-paced requirements.
  • With the minimum requirement of three live mentoring hours, we will assist you in validating the ICF Performance Evaluation (Coaching Recordings).
  • This way, if you are motivated to complete the program within a short period of time and able to demonstrate the necessary skill standard, you are able to complete the certification requirements within 2 to 3 months.
  • The program can be completed within 2 to 3 months, and you are able to access the program for up to 18 months if you might need it longer.
  • You have access to the base program of your accelerated track (which is updated with the latest knowledge and best practices periodically) for a lifetime.
  • You have lifetime access to the series of live classes you opted for.
How do we provide you with accelerated support?
  • We provide a complimentary strategy call with one of our lead facilitators.
  • Assistance with a dedicated communication officer with prioritized communication channels and answer your inquiries within 24 hours during business days.
  • ICF Performance Evaluation assessment is completed within three business days.
  • ICF Performance Evaluation success will be directly liaised with ICF by the Ignite ICF Team enabling you to complete the ICF Credentialing Process within 4 weeks instead of 14 (to 22 weeks).
  • ICF Credential Mock Exam is available to you for 30 days immediately upon your request.
  • Individual mentoring sessions will be accommodated through a prioritized appointment system.
  • Step-by-step instructions and assistance to file your ICF Credential Application.
What language is accelerated program tracks delivered in?


What is the commencing time of the live classes?

Commencing time of all live classes is 7 pm Indo China Time (GMT +7) on specific dedicated pre-scheduled dates. When you meet our faculty during the strategy session, they will assist you in identifying the specific dates and scheduling.

Can the program be completed 100% virtually?

Yes, we use our full-fledged E-learning platform - Awaken Mind Guide to deliver online self-paced content. Our live classes are conducted via Zoom and the recordings of the live classes are available to you via Awaken Mind Guide in case you missed a class or for revision.

What is the recognition and accreditation of the accelerated programs?

Fully Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

What are the fees?

Please see the tuition fee structure of our Pre-Bundled Programs or Customized Bundled Programs here. During the strategy call, our faculty will assist you in identifying the exact tuition fee amount based on your unique needs and aspirations.

Can the fees be settled in installments?

The complete program fees can be settled in installments within the duration of the program, (typically in 2 or three installments) with a 6% additional service fee.

How to start?

Set up a 20-minute complimentary strategy session with one of the Ignite faculty from here to begin your professional development now.  If you can't find a suitable time on our calendar, please reach out to Ms. Leah Rumaguera - our Relationships Officer via [email protected] with your inquiries in brief, your time zone, and location details. And she will assist you with the soonest possible appointment time.

We look forward to assisting you in your professional development on your own terms, at your own pace, and addressing your unique needs and aspirations!
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