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My experience with the CADP training has resulted in wonderful growth. I have expanded my bandwidth as a coach. Lux’s naturally calming presence makes you feel instantly comfortable to participate. Her array of knowledge and skills allowed me to enhance my own coaching presence and impact. My input was always welcomed and listened to. I have learned so much from Lux during the CADP training and have been able to clarify and apply my passion for helping parents, children, and adolescents to develop and thrive in their relationships and lives.

Luiza Bargaoanu

Professional Coach

Fernando possesses extensive knowledge about ICF credentialing requirements and various other aspects that have proven beneficial not only for meeting ICF coaching standards but also for my personal growth and development. Beyond his expertise, he is exceptionally nice and helpful. I eagerly anticipate continuing to work with him! My experience with Ignite Global has been characterized by efficient management and excellent organization, leveraging technology effectively, all at an affordable cost. I highly recommend Ignite Global! The process is remarkably organized, utilizes convenient technology, and is a pleasure to engage with.

Laura Matney

Professional Coach

My Professional Development journey with Ignite Global was a very informative, exciting, interesting, educative, refreshing, and inspiring journey. It also provided a platform for networking. I always looked forward to attending all sessions.

Joyce Lisanza

Professional Coach

Fernando has been a Brilliant Trainer, Mentor and Coach. His trainings have been Super Organzied, Structured, Time managed with the reading material, pre and post readings , recordings etc to be done. He creates great energy , active participation, fun into a very enjoyable , informative sessions .The trainings being so interactive and engaging, never realised hpw 4 hrs went by at each class. Together with Lux and their very compassionate heart, that they put into every participant, you feel special , involved and supported both for training itself and ones future scope and growth. Will definitely be going back to Ignite Global, to further my journey on coaching path and empowering myself and others. Thank You Fernando for the Great work you do.

Sonali Adhikari

Purser, Emirates

I recently completed the Ignite Global PCMC online course with lead coach instructor Fernando and his very capable team of mentor coaches. In researching online coach training programs suitable for an ICF PCC accreditation, there were only a few that were highly rated, affordable, and flexible enough to meet my needs. Coach Fernando is a highly passionate, caring, and giving coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and presents even the driest topics (ex: ICF code of ethics) in a creative and engaging manner. I am very much looking forward to the follow-on Ignite Global mentor coaching sessions as I continue to pursue my PCC credential

Geoff Mendal

Coach, Mendal Consulting

I had the privilege of joining the Ignite Global community through the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification for Groups and Teams. It is difficult to express with simple words how beneficial and life-changing that experience was. Deep content, thoroughness, structure, fun and so much more! Coach Fernando is an extraordinary human being and an amazing teacher, driven by a passion for people and his calling, with endless compassion and humility. I highly recommend training with Ignite Global to anyone wanting to start a career in coaching, or looking for their next certification/accreditation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this mind-blowing journey!

Natalie Berridge

Transformative Coach

The CADP program truly helped me realize that I have the potential to coach and make a difference. It equipped me with the tools to connect with people, actively listen, and empower clients to unlock their full potential. Acquiring such a powerful skill is truly transformative! This journey is ideal for someone who believes that children are capable of being their own leaders and change-makers and wants the skills to enable this to happen.

My journey began when I realized that my corporate career wasn’t fulfilling enough. I yearned to make a difference in people’s lives and have a meaningful impact. Looking around, I noticed many families and children struggling with the changes that life throws at them. I discovered that I could make the most significant impact by coaching children/adolescents and their parents. Ignite Global exceeded all expectations and checked all the boxes. There was a good balance of theory and practical aspects, and it was ICF accredited, which is very important!

Lux is the best trainer I could have asked for. We had an immediate connection, and I felt I could approach her with any questions or concerns I may have had. She consistently gave 110% in classes and made a conscious effort to include everyone’s opinions and thoughts.

Tanya Kable

Professional Coach

As a teacher, I had been searching for an alternative career path for a while. Then, one day on Facebook, I stumbled upon an advertisement for the Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coach course. That was my “aha” moment, the realization that my dream of finding plan B had come true, and my future looks bright!

Under Lux’s guidance, this course ignited a desire within me to seek more from life and make a greater impact on younger generations. Supporting children and adolescents in discovering their limits and passions has always been my goal. The course organized by Ignite Global opened my eyes to the importance of understanding not only my own childhood but also that of our children and ourselves as grown-ups.

Lux, thank you for transferring your passion into my heart. I appreciate your role in helping me develop and grow as a passionate educator and coach!

Claudia Cangea

Professional Coach

A decade ago, I embraced motherhood for the first time, and it has since become my life’s compass. Parenthood, to me, represents an opportunity to shape a better future and create the positive change we aspire to see—a form of sacred spiritual activism. When I discovered the ICF-certified course offered by Ignite Global, I was thrilled. Although I had been familiar with ICF for many years, this was the first time I encountered a program tailored to this specific niche.

The prospect of taking my passion to the next level by working with parents and children excited me. Lux, our trainer, proved to be the most thoughtful, empathetic, and compassionate guide, making our sessions thoroughly enjoyable. This training program is suitable for anyone aspiring to use coaching techniques to make a positive difference in the lives of children, adolescents, or parents, contributing to a better future for everyone.

Megha Mehta

Professional Coach

I am so grateful for this amazing coaching training. I learned so much about myself and I discovered my passion for coaching. I truly enjoyed every single session with Fernando and the international participants. Fernando is such a warm-hearted and fun person and he shared so many interesting personal stories about his challenges on his coaching journey. I am so grateful I had the chance to get to know him. He became a great mentor for me. I can highly recommend this coaching training and I am so happy to be part of the ignite global family. Thank you so much Fernando. Keep up this great work.

Sabinutza Ille

Professional Coach

I need to thank Coach Fernando and Ignite Global for the most amazing journey I have experienced so far in all my trainings done. You guys take things to another level of integrity that blew me away. The learnings were perfectly understandable and clear. Everything now days is all business (which is great) but you guys created a family, engagement, relationships and full follow through. I have learn a tremendous amount during my Team/Groups Coaching Coarse and highly recommend the programmes. Best Experience Ever! Thank you!

Janet Malaga

Transformative Coach

I attended the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification for Groups & Teams at Ignite Global and it has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life thus far. Coach Fernando went over and beyond the call of duty to ensure that each member of the Cohort went away with a clear understanding of Group & Team coaching, equipped with relevant tools and also assisted in creating a clear working plan on starting off ones own Group & Team coaching Business. I strongly reccomend Ignite Global to anyone who is interested in starting off a coaching career in a warm and friendly but, equally professional environment.

Ugochi Ossai

Professional Coach

Ignite supported me through several months of training, with detailed examples of how to excel as a group and team coach, which we then put into practice. I remember feeling overwhelmed at the start of the course, there was so much information and I found it hard to see how it would all come together, however, with the guidance and support from Fernando, everything started to make perfect sense, and the course unfolded in a way that we added to our learning in every session. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a professional group or team coach.

Ross Harvey

Professional Coach

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