ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) Exam Model Test

Measure your understanding of the knowledge and skills important in the practice of coaching.

Model Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

Practice Assessment for your ICF CKA EXAM

Ignite Global is an ICF Accredited Coaching Training Provider and we have extensive experience in delivering coaching training at the mastery level. Hence, we possess a wealth of knowledge and understanding of ICF Core Competencies as well as how ICF assesses credential applicants.

There are limited resources to aspiring coaches when it comes to preparing for the ICF CKA. Many coaches have been asking us for support in preparing for the CKA, so we decided to create a Model Assessment that would thoroughly prepare you for the ICF CKA. 


Most frequent questions and answers

International Coach Federation, the most prominent Coach Accreditation Organization globally, also known as the Gold Standard for Coaching offers credentials to coaches enabling them to demonstrate their professional development through the coaching profession.

Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) is a mandatory requirement a coach should successfully complete in-order to be awarded an ICF Credential among other requirements depending on the credential path you are on. 

CKA is an automated online assessment that would be sent to a Credential Applicant by the ICF during the credentialing process.

According to the ICF Website (20 August 2020) The Coach Knowledge Assessment content covers five broad domains: setting the foundation, co-creating the relationship, communicating effectively, facilitating learning and results, and coaching foundations and knowledge base.

All questions are based on the ICF definition of coaching, Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. Questions’ difficulty levels vary, with some intended to assess awareness of a concept or skill while others may present a scenario that requires deeper understanding.

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The CKA is quite challenging as it consists of 155 multiple choice questions covering ICF Core Competencies which need to be answered within 180 minutes in one sitting, which means you have about 70 seconds to answer each question. The passing grade for the CKA is 70%.

Our ICF CKA Exam Model Test intends to provide you thorough preparation for the ICF CKA. The Model CKA follows a similar structure in-terms of the look and feel and the questions are created using the same style as the original test.

+ Once you register for the Model CKA, the test is available for 30 days.

+ You can take the test as many times as you wish within the 30 days.

+The test is automated, immediately after each attempt, you receive the score as well as the correct answers to each question.

+ You are able to answer a range of questions from a Questions Bank which provides you an adequate number of questions to prepare for the ICF CKA.

+ Questions are created by ICF Accredited Ignite Global Coach Training Facilitators.

The ICF CKA Exam Model Test is available for a minimal service fee of 99 USD. Once you register below, you will receive an automated confirmation message. Then, one of Ignite officials will contact you with your access details to the Model CKA within 24 hours during working days.

We are proud that our clients have a 100% success rate of passing the ICF CKA as a result of their preparations with Ignite Model CKA to date.

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Special Note

We are working on creating the practice test based on the new ICF Credentialing Exam and please note that this Practice CKA follows the ICF previous structure and offered at a low cost for you to familiarize yourself with the nature of ICF Questions.