Comprehensive Coach Education for Mastery Level Coaching


At Ignite Global, we specialize in Advance Coach Specific Education enabling you to become a masterful coach, embodying heart-based, holistic transformational coaching.

Our signature programs include Individual Coaching, Group & Team Coaching, Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching with the possibility to specialize in a wide variety of coaching specialties such as Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Psychedelic Integration Coaching and etc. All our programs are suitable for both individuals who intend to excel as Professional Coaches, and professionals passionate in sharpening their leadership communication.

As a professional Coach you are aware the lifelong transformational journey of development. Reassuring your further development, during this journey, you will explore ways to deeply look into your inner self and lead an inspired life. And most importantly gain the mastery of creating value and impact in others, and the world at large. Coaching is a unique higher vibrational profession and we are proud that coaching truly is a noble profession.

Professional Coaching Mastery Certification (PCMC) is a Comprehensive Coach Specific Education Program and encompasses A to Z Professional Development, welcoming new-comer beginners to seasoned Master Coaches.

We are truly Global, our programs can be accessed from anywhere in the world at your fingertips. All our programs can be fully completed 100% virtually. And we also conduct retreat-based trainings in Asia.

Seven key highlights of our programs.

  1. Your journey begins at the very basic, and we facilitate your development as an advance professional systematically on an accelerated phase.
  2. We only accept maximum of 12 students into our public cohorts, providing individual attention focusing on your 360 development as a Professional Coach at every stage.
  3. We are passionate in sharing this life transforming knowledge and we want to make it available to as many individuals and professionals as possible, hence our world-class program fees are affordable. And our value packed foundation programs are free.
  4. We incorporate Coaching Science and Art, Psychology, Neuroscience, Industry Best Practices, Practical Ancient Eastern Philosophies with science and energy perceptions in a good balance in building legend of a Masterful Coach.
  5. We utilized Experience Based Adult Centric Learning Pedagogy in creating this program, including empowering, intriguing and introspective activities that will keep your senses alive through and create paradigm shifts.
  6. All ignite program includes comprehensive Marketing and Business Development training, six months Business Coaching and an international professional network to practice coaching as a privilege of being an Ignite Certified Coach.
  7. As a Leading Global Coach Education provider, we also support, nurture and co-create with a large Professional Network of Coaches creating a thriving community.

Ignite Advance Bridge for PCC and MCC Program enables you to embody masterful coaching from the very beginning of your coaching practice and create a direct professional development path towards your MCC Credential, and beyond.

It is essential to move beyond the mediocrity of average coaching at the down of development of AI technologies. Undoubtably the coaches who embody expression of ‘humanness’ navigating consciousness of human condition, energetic perception and intuitive abilities to deliver masterful coaching are inclined to excel and thrive.

If you intend to embody mastery in your coaching delivery at MCC Credential Level at your earliest (regardless of your credential level) and beyond, commencing advance coach education at your earliest is essential. The true mastery of coaching is gained through the application of advance coaching knowledge, skills and best practices over a significant period of time.

At Ignite Global we have extensive experience in delivering mastery of accredited quality coach education, enabling you to excel industry standards confidently. Hence, commencing your advance coach education journey at your earliest is essential to excel as a truly Masterful Coach.

This program encompasses advance mastery level coaching education, assessment requirements and all-inclusive Mastery Level Qualification as a one stop service. We have an amazing group of aspiring coaches joining our programs from around the world, and we celebrate the excitement and value co-creation together as an alliance.

We are authentic and BOLD, and we know our stuff. This is an invitation for you to co-create with us, if this ignites a spark in you!


Below are the main domains for Ignite Advance Coach Education Program and the additional domains essential for building a Coaching Practice.


Ignite Advance Bridge is an evolution of the initial seven domains and the two additional domains of Advance Coaching Education. Please refer to Ignite Level One and Two Education for the topics (1 to 9, 17 and 18) and program components.

  1. Introduction to Masterful Coaching as a professional reflective practice
  2. Deep awareness of human consciousness within and beyond
  3. Advance Psychology & Neuroscience for a masterful Coach
  4. Complexities of cultivating Coach-Client Relationship
  5. Advance mastery of Coaching Science as an action focused reflective practice
  6. Specializing in Coach Specific Technical Communication
  7. Advance Awareness, Attributes and Mental Models for a Masterful Professional Coach


Coaching Contract and confidentiality logistic

+ Ignite Global Coaching Agreement and Logistical Agreement (Editable)

+ Ignite Global Service Provider Agreement (Editable)

+ ICF Sample Coaching Agreements

  1. Mastery of Co-competency and Minimum Skills Requirements for acquiring Professional Standard for Mastery of Coaching. – APPENDIX A and B
  2. Acquiring Global Recognition with the relevant credential


  1. Ignite Credential Accelerator: Acquisition of coaching experience (Internationally recognized paid coaching hours)
  2. Ignite Business Development Series: Essential business development aspects for a successful coaching practice
  3. Recognition of Excellence: In-person Award Ceremony of Certification and Recognition of success.


Below is a brief summary of the components of the program through a step-by-step process for your comprehension. We are able to provide this program through our public cohorts as well through customized programs addressing unique needs of both individuals and organizations.

  • International coach education Synchronous mandatory education stipulates at least 50% of real time coach educator-led training and 80% of the Coach Education must be based on co-competency.
  • Prerequisites for this program.

Option One:

Completed Ignite Certified Professional Coach Program and minimum of 500 hours of coaching experience.

Option Two:

PCC Credential or 125 Hours of Comprehensive Coach Specific Education with minimum of 500 hours of coaching experience.

  • Medium of delivery is English
  • The designation of the Certification is Professional Certified Masterful Coach Practitioner (PCMCP). Which can be used as a prefix along with your name. i.e. First Name Last Name PCMCP (or John Smith PCMCP)
  • Completion of Level Two Program may take up to 6 to 12 months.
  • Program Fees is 4900 USD including the Education and Group Mentoring Program.


10. Introduction to Masterful Coaching as a professional reflective practice

10.1. Understanding essential characteristics, mindsets and behaviors of a Professional Coach

10.2. How the coach gets in the way of the client.

10.3. Embodiment of presence, energy and states of being as a Masterful Coach

10.4. Letting the guard down and coaching as ‘you’

10.5. Coaching as a holistic reflective embodiment as an advanced practitioner

10.6. The difference between a coach and a master coach

10.7. A mastery is a state of being

10.8. Multidimensional aspects of curiosity and identifying the right type of curiosity for masterful coaching

10.9. Reflection – Quantum level understanding of the observer effect

10.10. Reactions vs observer

10.11. The artistry of masterful coaching

10.12. Value creation – Coach vs Client

10.13. Navigating complexities of confidentiality in coaching relationship

10..14. Redefining co-creation as an advance coach practitioner

10.15. Energy alignments required by an advance Coach Practitioner.

10.16. Techniques to acts in response to the ‘whole person’ as the client

11. Deep awareness of human consciousness within and beyond (Elective, asynchronous)

11.1. Human Consciousness

11.1.1. Deep understanding of levels of consciousness

11.1.2. The journey into expansive universe inward and outward

11.1.3. The Earth – our place in the universe and how it relates to your client

11.1.4. Nature of vibrational existence and implications in your coaching practice

11.1.4. The bigger picture – the role consciousness plays in expansion of client and the coach

11.2. The Human Being.

11.2.1. The human condition

11.2.2. Moving beyond intrapersonal and interpersonal being – Fernando’s Human Disintegration Model

11.2.3. Deep dive into the dynamics of human mind – Fernando’s Mind Mirror

11.2.4. Exploration of pain and pleasure in depth, in connections to good vs bad and positive vs negative

11.2.5. Embodiment of consciousness and human condition at a cognitive level as an advance reflective practitioner

11.3. Awareness of crucial embodiments of consciousness

11.3.1. Incorporating duality in your coaching

11.3.2. The altered and superior states of consciousness – Becoming the super observer

11.3.3. Alternative intelligence and somatic awareness

11.3.4. Awareness of human DNA and Evolution

11.3.5. Embodiment of time

11.3.6. The impact of embodiment death

11.3.7. Embodiment of Shadows

11.3.8. Can the word ‘healing’ be used in professional coaching context?

  1. Integrating Psychology & Neuroscience in Advance Coaching Practice (Elective, asynchronous)

12.1 The fine line between Therapy, Counselling, Consulting and Mentoring vs Coaching

12.2 Exploration of psychology and neuroscience integrated coaching

12.3. Hierarchy of needs and theory of motivation

12.4. Trauma Informed Coaching for Advance Coach Practitioner

12.4.1. The importance of a coach’s awareness of mental illness, emotional and psychological trauma

12.4.2. What is trauma and how to navigate trauma surfacing in coaching

12.4.3. What is addiction and how to manage surfacing addictions in coaching

12.4.4. Mental Health Screening techniques and tools

12.4.5. Introduction to combining Integrative Psychology and Behavioral Science in coaching

12.4.6. Redefining healing and actualized awareness within coaching context

12.5. Essential awareness on healing, therapy and mindfulness modalities for Advance Coach Practitioner

12.5.1. Epigenetics

12.5.2. Attachment systems

12.5.3. Internal Family Systems

12.5.4. Legacy Burdens

12.5.5. Cognitive Behavioral therapy

12.5.6. Clinical Theta Regression

12.5.7. Psychedelic Integration

12.5.8. Mindfulness-Based healing and development

12.5.9. Vipassana – Buddhist meditation practice

12.5.10. Compassion, Love & Self-actualization based healing (loving self)

12.5.11. Classical Conditioning – Psychology

12.5.13. Somatic awareness integrated coaching

12.6.14. Optional in-person retreat experiencing a selected interventions from above for experiencing the difference between conscious level coaching intervention and vibrational level sub/unconscious transformation.

12.6. Practical tools and best practices to identify, address and navigate emotional and psychological trauma and mental health aspects into client’s development

12.7. Referring the client to relevant professionals and determining the right role for you as a coach

12.8. Multidimensional advantages of building an alliance with interlinked professionals.

  1. Complexities of cultivating Coach-Client Relationship

13.1. Redefining compassion, empathy and the role of the master practitioner

13.2. Vulnerability in coaching

13.2.1. Vulnerability as a way of establishing a powerful coach-client relationship

13.2.2. Can a coach display vulnerability?

13.2.3. Arts of the masters – Vulnerability as a driving force for client development

13.3. Multidimensional aspects of confidence in Advance Coach Practitioner

13.4. Advance techniques of embodying the power of intense emotions, fear and shadows in clients

13.5. Deep dive into embodying intuitive abilities

13.6. Levels of energy alignments for a masterful reflective practitioner

13.7. Coaching is an equal partnership

14. Advance mastery of Coaching Science as an action focused reflective practice

14.1. Reality check – Transformational value derived coaching

14.2. Creating your own Signature Definitions of coaching as an advance coach practitioner.

14.3. Client centered and client led coaching.

14.4. Visioning coaching engagement as a co-active process for client’s growth and development

14.5. Intricacies in advance techniques for coaching the person vs problem

14.6. Coach and understanding the client

14.7. The value creation through power of unknown

14.8. Expertise of being in the moment as an advance coach practitioner

14.9. Coach and tough love

14.10. Integration of coaching co-competencies, best practices and mastery into a coaching session Live

14.10.1. Goal setting in coaching, Global Goal & Session Goals

14.10.2. Mastering the goal setting techniques for transformational coaching

14.10.3. Facilitating Client Growth at MCC Level

14.10.4. Levels of client development

14.10.5. How to end a coaching session at a high note

14.11. ICF PCC Requirements

14.11.1. ICF PCC Competency Breakdown

14.11.2. Listening to Coaching recording incorporating PCC Levels skills and debrief.

14.12. International Mastery Level Requirements

14.12.1. International Mastery Level Competency Breakdown

14.12.2. Listening to a coaching recording incorporating Mastery Level Skills. Parenting Coaching Session.

  1. Specializing in Coach Specific Technical Communication

15.1. Artistry of presence for a masterful coach

15.2. Advance technical listening for a masterful practitioner

15.2.1. The stories silence says

15.2.2.  Listener as a full spectrum learner

15.2.3. Lenier and non-liner listening

15.2.4. Cumulative listening

15.3. Questions vs Inquiry

15.3.1. What is more important in a coaching session, the inquiry or the answers?

15.3.2. Simplicity in advance techniques of mindful inquiry

15.4. Masters explore beyond comfort zones

16. Advance Awareness, Attributes and Mental Models for a Masterful Professional Coach

16.1. How to navigate lack, insecurities and adversarial behaviours of clients

16.2. The mastery of language use for a reflective practitioner

16.3. Advance reflective practices – Coach does not have to ‘work’ to coach

16.4. The coach trusts that value is inherent in the process versus having any need to create value.

16.5. Creating High-value Signature Offers and creating solutions using coaching as the key driver

16.6. Coaching and the future

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