Fernando Hettiyadura

Fernando Hettiyadura

Founder and Strategist

MCC-ICF-coach-certificatie badge

“When I created Professional Coaching Mastery Certification for you, in addition to essentials, I decided to include everything, what I wished for as a student. In this training I share with you real-life practical knowledge that I learnt the hard way, taking you beyond the surface and deeper into the actual coaching world”

– Fernando

Fernando has over 16 years of professional experience as a Master Trainer, Holistic Success Coach, Coach Trainer/Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and in Education Technology. He has catalyzed success in individuals as well as organizations in corporate, Government and Non-Government Organizations varying from students, educators, coaches, executives to CEOs.

He is a Professional Certified Coach designated by International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest and most prominent coaching accreditation authority. With years of Coaching experience, training background as a master trainer and a background in Education Technology, he is uniquely positioned to bring you the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification Training.

He uses adult-centric learning engagement techniques during the training where all participants engage in empowering and powerful activities creating numerous ‘a-ha’ moments while having fun!

  • Thailand
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