An introduction to

Trauma-informed Life Coaching
and Psychedelic Integration

[00:04:15] – Fernando led the participants to do a mental exercise to understand how our mind works.

[00:06:52] – Fernando is doing a grounding exercise incorporating the trajectory of life and envisioning the future.

[00:29:00] – During this interactive activity, the participants discuss how does the coach perceive the realities of Mike, the coaching client.

[00:45:54] – Fernando starts sharing about how trauma-informed coaching enables magnified value for the client.

[01:02:10] – At this point, Fernando shared the neuroscience and psychology of psychedelic integration.

[01:25:56] – There were several questions about the credentialing process and program fees.

[01:55:18] – The individuals who participated shared their insights about the event.

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