Coaching as a Leadership Style - Two Day Workshop for Managers and Supervisors | Sasin School of Management

Sawadee Krap!
I am Fernando Hettiyadura, your leadership partner for the two day workshop – Coaching as a Leadership Style. It is an honor to have the opportunity to co-create with you, and I made this short video to share my passion for Coaching as a Leadership Methodology.
In this two days workshop, we look forward to exploring how coaching can be used as an inspiring leadership tool to empower individuals, organizations and communities. During the workshop, we will dive deep into following areas:
  1. Empathy integrated coaching for inspiring leadership.
  2. Becoming an intuitive listener.
  3. Conscious inquiry
  4. Make feedback your SuperPower!
In preparation for the session, we invite you to try out this fun 16 Personality Types Test. It will give you some insights to your personality type. You are unique in your own ways, so the results are not going to match 100% accurate, they are only commonalities of the personality types. Remember your personality type as we will use it for one of the activities during the workshop.

Here are some resources for you to get your hands on:

We look forward to facilitating collective transformation that would reflect in your leadership behaviour immediately. Let’s co-create development and growth.
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