Lux Hettiyadura_ACC Coach

Lux Hettiyadura

Director for Child/Adolescents Development & Parenting Programs


Lux Hettiyadura is the creator of the First-Ever Comprehensive Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching Certification Accredited by the world’s most prestigious coaching authority, International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also a Certified Professional Coach designated by ICF. She passionately leads the Coaching Education, Research, and Development interventions at Ignite Global.

Lux’s expertise lies in Child and Adolescent emotional, social, and behavioral development, parenting, family and interpersonal relationships, and Human potential development. She has a strong educational background in Early Childhood Education, Adolescent Psychology, Human Behavioural Psychology, and Healing and Mind Development Through Altered States of Consciousness. She has over a decade of international experience working with children in an age range of infants to adolescents, parents who are educators, diplomats, healthcare professionals, stay-at-home parents, military officers, and members of a Royal Family in the Gulf region.

Lux is a Child/Adolescent Development Specialist, Family and Interpersonal Relationship Catalyst, Coach Training Facilitator, ICF Coach Educator, and a former educator serving as a headmistress. She focuses on a coaching approach to child and adolescent social, emotional, and behavioral development and creates a harmonious and inspiring culture in family and educational environments.

With this methodology, she enables parents and educators to awaken their maximum capacity to create a sustainable impact in positive and effective parenting and education. She believes in a holistic approach to human development and has dedicated her life to creating a positive difference in the world at large.

“Children are like unknown seeds. Based on how you nurture, you wouldn’t even know the fruits they would produce. As a parent, educator, or coach, you have the power to cultivate their development as a successful human being valuable to society. Over a decade of my experience in child development, I have seen parents or educators unaware of how to fully accomplish this effectively. One of the main reasons for this gap is that most adults look at children as ‘just kids’. However, the truth is that children are capable and intelligent beyond our perceptions.

So, I wake up every morning with the mission to enable that power within you to develop true future leaders.”


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