Lux Hettiyadura_ACC Coach

Lux Hettiyadura

Director for Child/Adolescents Development & Parenting Programs

professional-certified-coach-pccLux Hettiyadura is a renowned Parenting and Relationship Specialist at Ignite Global, where she spearheads Child Development, Parenting, and Education Interventions. Holding the prestigious Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, she is recognized as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach Educator and Mentor.

Her legacy is marked by the creation of the first-ever inaugural comprehensive Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching Certification, an achievement awarded by the world’s most prestigious coaching authority, the ICF.

Her formidable expertise blends Early Year Education, Maria Montessori’s philosophy, Developmental and Behavioral Psychology, Coaching Science, and Relationship Psychology. This foundation enables her to advise on topics ranging from Early Childhood Development to Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect. Central to her philosophy is the belief that every adult carries with them the stories of their inner child, impacting their present and future. Dedicated to this belief, Lux has developed a unique approach to help clients understand their life stories and foster meaningful relationships.

Lux’s extensive background in child development, parenting, and education led her to conduct a study on how coaching skills could profoundly affect children and adolescents, their parents, and the educational sphere. Through her work at Ignite Global, she and her team developed a unique coaching methodology. This approach integrates ICF Core Coaching Competencies with leading child development theories and parenting science, transforming the child-parent bond and educational settings into holistic ecosystems. This innovative method has proven effective in empowering parents and educators to profoundly and sustainably impact positive parenting and educational practices.

With this groundbreaking methodology, Lux pioneered the First-Ever Comprehensive Child-Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching Certification, fully accredited by the Golden Standard in Coaching, the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Central to Lux’s guiding philosophy is the profound belief that “Residing in every adult heart is an innocent child, whose unspoken stories have burgeoned into the roots of their core essence, eternally weaving echoes of yesterday into the voice of today and all our morrows.”. With unwavering dedication to this principle, she has crafted a unique methodology that allows her clients to connect the dots of their life experiences, bridging gaps to create deeply fulfilling relationships.

Lux stands at the forefront of revolutionizing child development, parenting, and the education system, aiming to create a more compassionate and interconnected world. Beyond these domains, she specializes in enhancing romantic relationships, guiding her clients to foster deeper understanding, communicate effectively, embrace vulnerability, and flourish in their bonds. Her universally effective approach allows her to connect with a myriad of individuals, cementing her reputation as a relationship and human potential development luminary.

With over ten years of international experience, Lux boasts a diverse clientele comprising diplomats, healthcare experts, educators, and royalty. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she harbors a deep affection for animals and nature. Passionate about travel, Lux cherishes witnessing sunsets from various global locations.

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