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Embark on the next level of your coaching journey by becoming an internationally accredited Advanced Child-Adolescent Development and Parenting Coach Specialist

ICF Level Two Certification leading to the PCC Credential

Become a globally recognized Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coach Specialist to lead transformative paradigms in holistic child development, and pioneer the evolution of the Conscious Parenting and future of the Education System.

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One Certification leading to two ICF Credentials. Become a highly sought-after Group and Team Coach with PCC and ACTC Credentials!

If you are driven to further your expertise in navigating the intricate nuances of child and adolescent development and are passionate about supporting parents in mastering the challenges and joys of parenting and shaping the future of the education system, you’ve arrived at the perfect juncture for your advanced journey.

With the evolving intricacies in Child-Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching, this specialization presents a profound avenue for impact that not only transforms families but also offers you deeper professional satisfaction and potential growth. At Ignite Global, we lead the way in advanced Child-Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching education, positioning you to elevate your expertise and emerge as a top-tier specialist in the field.

The Advanced Certification in Professional Coaching, emphasizing Child-Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching, offers an all-encompassing route to professional growth, fully endorsed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF – the benchmark for coaching excellence). This Level Two certification paves the way for you to delve deeper into coaching science, integrating best practices from child-adolescent development, family dynamics, and parenting knowledge, ensuring you fully embrace and project the Professional Coach Designation with the utmost expertise, self-assuredness and authenticity.

Starting with Level Two of the Child-Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching (CADP) Certification, you’re set on a path to becoming a proficient specialist in 12 months.
Additionally, you can attain the Level Two Certification in as little as 8 weeks. Upon obtaining your designation as an ICF Professional Certified Coach, you’ll be fully equipped to launch your specialized coaching practice, confidently providing real-world CADP coaching services with both authenticity and expertise.

The instructor-led ICF Level One Certification spans 8 weeks of virtual live classes, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from around the globe in real-time. The prerequisite to join this program requires a minimum of 60 hours of Coach Specific Education, a minimum of 100 hours of delivery of coaching experience, and proficiency in the English Language.

And our Global Professional Network of seasoned professionals eagerly awaits to support you through your journey. To guide you toward success, we also include a comprehensive marketing and business development strategy at no extra charge.


Designation: Professional Certified Coach in Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting

Certification: Professional Coaching Mastery Certification Encompassing Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting- Level Two

Virtual Class Structure: Twice-a-month three-hour live classes.

Recognition: Fully Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Designation Level: ICF Level Two Education for Professional Certified Coach Credential

Prerequisites: minimum of 60 hours of Coach Specific Education, a minimum of 100 hours of delivery of coaching experience, and proficiency in the English Language.

Certification Instruction Hours: 60 to 65 Hours of ICF Accredited Coach Education along with 30 hours of Mentoring over 6 months of professional development.

Education Pedagogy: Adult-centric Interactive Learning Methodology

Business Strategy: Marketing and Business Development Strategy included

Community Support: Join our Global network of thousands of professionals.

Why Choose Advanced Child Development & Parenting Coaching?

The advanced dimension of this coaching specialization equips you with the tools and methodologies to tackle intricate developmental challenges, offering solutions beyond foundational coaching strategies.

Our Level Two program is perfect for:

  • Certified Coaches: Coaches who’ve completed Level One and wish to dive deep into specialized skills and techniques.

  • Seasoned Professionals: Those with substantial coaching experience aiming to integrate advanced developmental methodologies into their portfolio.

  • Industry Pioneers: Seasoned child, adolescent, and parenting development professionals desiring to augment their toolkits with ICF’s advanced coaching techniques.

  • Become an Advanced Pro with Ignite Global: Ignite Global remains at the forefront of coaching innovation. By enrolling in Level Two, you can access meticulously crafted content that reflects the latest advances in child and adolescent development.

Our comprehensive certification ensures you are equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and real-world applications to effectively coach children, adolescents, and parents at an advanced level.

When can you start?

You can start your Level Two professional coaching journey as soon as you can! Check out the dates of our interactive live sessions below.


Your one-stop-service for ICF-accredited Coach Education and Coach Specific Professional Development

Ignite Global is a global coach-specific education provider operating in five continents and is fully accredited by the ICF. We provide comprehensive coaching education globally, both in-person and virtually; our clients range from Fortune 500 Companies, Royals, celebrities, leaders, educators, and professionals to students.

Ignite Global offers top-tier Professional Coaching and Leadership Development solutions and is committed to holistic development, aiming to create lasting and sustainable transformation for both individuals and organizations.

Our services include ICF-accredited Coaching Certifications for Coaching Individuals, Groups and Teams, and Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting, Healing and Expansion of Consciousness, Creating Coaching Culture for organizational success, addressing specific developmental needs, and crafting tailor-made Leadership Solutions.


At Ignite Global, we offer top-tier Professional Coaching and Leadership Development solutions and we are committed to comprehensive development, aiming to create lasting and sustainable impacts for both individuals and organizations.
With the excellence we deliver, we have organically positioned ourselves as an Elite Coach Education and Service Provider.

As our slogan boasts, we innovate, redefine, and pioneer the future of Specialized Professional Coaching. Below are the key coaching specializations we offer. We also create custom specializations based on your unique needs.

  • Senior Practitioner In Executive/Leadership, Group & Team Coaching
  • Senior Practitioner In Child/Adolescent Development And Parenting Coaching
  • Senior Practitioner In Trauma-Informed Life Coaching
  • Senior Practitioner In Trauma-Informed Coaching Specializing In Psychedelic Integration
  • Senior Practitioner Of Modern Spirituality​

We are also within the umbrella organization of the Global Center for Reflective Practices and Consciousness, encompassing true reflective aspects of coaching in our programs. You also gain access to our E-learning Platform, Awaken Mind Gude, as well as co-create Trauma Integration and Spiritual Aspects via our sister organization Evolving Temple. This makes Ignite Global Programs a unique and rare comprehensive possibility.

We are an ecosystem of Coach Education and Professional Development with a wealth of Professional Network of 1000s of coaches, therapists, doctors, leaders, and professionals from many different industries from all corners of the world.

All our ICF Programs welcome you, whether you are a newcomer to the coaching world or a seasoned coach. Our programs enable you to become a Legendary Professional Coach, operating at the Mastery, enabling you to become a Senior Practitioner in a specialization you desire.

Our programs are directly aligned with ICF’s Professional Development Path, encompassing Associate Certified Coach (ACC) at ICF Level One Certification, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) at ICF Level Two Certification, and Master Certified Coach (MCC) at ICF Level Three Certification and enables you to acquire these credentials through customized and pragmatic professional development path providing you support every step of the way.

All our programs run in three stages for each ICF Level Certification, addressing the requirements for ACC, PCC, MCC Credentials, and beyond.

Below are the three stages of this Certification:

ICF Level Two Stage One (L2S1): Gaining the knowledge of practical execution of Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching. The Certification includes 32 hours of ICF Accredited Certification Hours. This stage can be completed within two months.

ICF Level Two Stage Two (L2S2):  Gaining the experience of practical mastery of Professional Coaching and gaining the confidence to deliver coaching commercially through our unique Ignite Business Incubator Program.

We give you the unique opportunity to work with a real-world group or team client by creating a public marketing campaign where we promote you to over 3000+ individuals, and professionals in our network and assist you in setting up your Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching Engagement from A to Z as your practicum. All our alumni of this program find this stage of the program incredibly powerful and valuable, giving them the opportunity to gain confidence and credibility immediately.

The Stage Two segment of the certification includes 33+ hours of ICF Accredited Certification Hours. This stage can be completed within three to six months.

ICF Level Two Stage Three (L2S3): Stage three of the program includes meeting the requirements for the ICF PCC Credential all in one place with Ignite Global Comprehensive Ecosystem and applying for the ICF Credential. Includes all necessary for any ICF Credential PCC except for the requirement of Team Coach Supervision, which we are able to arrange with our globally renowned Team Coach Supervisor Benita Stafford Smith MCC.

This stage can be completed within a month to three months and also includes a comprehensive Marketing and Business Development Strategy.

Honoring your commitment to becoming an ICF Credentialed Coach and creating an impact on your clients, we would like to gift you a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that enables you to reach out to a wider clientele. 

  • Ignite Business Incubator – Valued at 3000 USD, get six months of business coaching that takes you from the initial stages of setting up your coaching business to achieving success. This program includes 12 individualized 90-minute business coaching sessions conducted in small groups to ensure you receive personalized attention for maximum business impact. This program is valued at 3000 USD.
  • Ignite Business Mastermind – Valued at 1200 USD, gain access to a year-long program featuring live masterclasses that offer proven business development and marketing strategies. These sessions will guide you through the process of establishing your coaching business with a focus on organic growth, providing step-by-step guidance.

If you would like to understand the intricacies of this program and strategize your professional development journey, reach out to Leah from our team at [email protected], we look forward to assisting you regardless of where you are in your coaching journey.

Because we train highly sought-after coaches who demonstrate professional excellence and industry success!

Starting your professional coaching journey with Ignite Global offers several compelling advantages. First, Ignite Global boasts a strong track record of successful coaching engagements, fostering confidence in our ability to help you achieve your career objectives. Our experienced and certified coaches bring expertise in coaching methodologies and industry knowledge, ensuring the effective delivery of results-oriented coaching. We have a thriving professional network of coaches who we train to co-create, support, and build alliances globally, enabling you to become part of a global community immediately.

At Ignite Global, we provide you the possibility to customize coaching programs tailored to your unique needs, fostering relevance and effectiveness in your development. We are able to accommodate your needs whether you are a newcomer, a seasoned coach with no credentials, or an ICF Credentialed Coach.

We take the holistic, heart-based, and transformative approach that encompasses professional aspirations and personal growth, promoting a well-balanced and fulfilling life for your clients and yourself.

With Ignite Global, you’ll benefit from the strong accountability and support system while gaining access to a professional network, opening doors to new opportunities, and ensuring a comprehensive coaching qualification tailored to your success.

We are based in SouthEast Asia and operate globally. We conduct our in-person training and retreats around the world, and our fully virtual programs are accessible from any corner of the world. Our main business model is providing Coaching Services to organizations, and we are passionate about sharing our in-depth Coaching Science and knowledge with coaches from around the world, creating an impact on the world at the global level. 

Our coaches represent all income levels emerging from around the world; hence, we are committed to keeping our tuition fees at an affordable range without compromising the quality. Even Though we are one of the most affordable coaching education providers, we only accept 12 students into our live cohorts, enabling maximum individual attention and rapid professional growth.



Level Two Stage One (L2S1) Certifications Tuition Fees are maintained at 990 USD.

Level Two Stage Two (L2S2) Certifications Tuition Fees are maintained at 1400 USD.


Commit to the journey, with the 65 Hours ICF Qualification with L2S1 and L2S2, you formally acquire the designation ‘Certified Group & Team Coach’, and be able to apply for the ACTC certification, having Completed an ICF Accredited Team Coach Specific Education Program. And this qualifies you to deliver coaching commercially at the industry standard. The 65 Hours ICF Accredited Certification for PCC or ACTC requirement is 2290 USD 2390 USD with a discount of 100 USD.



Commit to the ICF Professional Certified Coach Credential as you gain coaching experience gradually, demonstrate your professional excellence, and acquire the ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential by joining our Level Two Stage Three (L2S3); the Tuition Fees are maintained at 1900 USD.

Hence the PCC Bundle combining, L2S1 + L2S2 + L2S3 Tuition Fee is 3990 USD 4290 USD with a discount of 300 USD.

All tuition fees can be completed through installments of 6 with an additional 6% s

All tuition fees can be completed through up to 6 consecutive monthly installments with an additional 6% service fee. Please note this is only valid within the next 7 days, and this is a special offer for the 31st October 2023 cohort. It cannot be applied to any other promotions. Should you wish to opt for a more flexible payment plan, feel free to reach out, and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

What Our Students Say

Meet Your Lead Facilitator
Lux Hettiyadura, PCC

Lux Hettiyadura is a Parenting and Relationship Specialist and passionately leads the Child Development, Parenting, and Education Interventions at Ignite Global. Bearing the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, Lux embodies coaching excellence as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach Educator and Mentor.

Her legacy is marked by the creation of the first-ever inaugural comprehensive Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching Certification, an achievement awarded by the world’s most prestigious coaching authority, the ICF.

Her formidable expertise is deeply rooted in a comprehensive educational foundation that seamlessly weaves together the threads of Early Years Education, the profound philosophy of Maria Montessori, the intricate realms of Developmental and Behavioral Psychology, the nuanced art of Coaching Science, and the intricate web of Relationship Psychology. This diverse knowledge base empowers her to offer guidance and support across an extensive spectrum of areas, including Early Childhood Development, Family and Parenting Dynamics, Romantic and Intimate Relationships, and the sensitive domains of Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect.

Central to Lux’s guiding philosophy is the profound belief that “Residing in every adult heart is an innocent child, whose unspoken stories have burgeoned into the roots of their core essence, eternally weaving echoes of yesterday into the voice of today and all our morrows.”. With unwavering dedication to this principle, she has crafted a unique methodology that allows her clients to connect the dots of their life experiences, bridging gaps to create deeply fulfilling relationships.

Lux is a trailblazer in her mission to foster transformative change in the field of child development. She is committed to reshaping how we nurture the generations to come, revolutionizing parenting and family dynamics and the future of our education system, and cultivating a more empathetic and interconnected world.

In the realm of romantic relationships, Lux helps her clients open doors to heightened mutual understanding, nurturing healthier emotional and physical connections, facilitating effective communication of needs, gracefully navigating vulnerability, and ultimately thriving in fulfilling relationships.

Her ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds and professions speaks to her approach’s universal appeal and effectiveness, underlining her status as a true luminary in relationship transformation and human potential development.

With over a decade of global involvement, Lux has built an impressive and diverse clientele that includes diplomats, esteemed healthcare professionals, dedicated educators, and members of royalty.

Lux loves animals and being in nature, and she enjoys traveling to see the sunset from different parts of the world.

Meet your Team Coach Supervisor for ACTC Benita Stafford Smith MCC


Benita Stafford-Smith is an ICF Master Certified Coach, an accredited Coach Supervisor, a certified Systemic Team Coach,  EMCC EIA, Individual Contributor, Coaching and EMCC ESIA  Individual Contributor, Supervision, and a certified Culture Coach. Overall, Benita has proudly coached over 6,000 hours with hundreds of clients spread across three continents.  She has been providing Supervision to individual and team coaches since 2016, often virtually and through a translator. 

Currently, Benita manages the coaching practice for an HR Consulting, where leading organizations and their executive teams trust Benita’s expertise to enable them to get clarity on the results they want to achieve and how to accomplish them. Benita and her team of coaches are helping organizations to create coaching cultures and experience the benefits of putting people at the centre of their strategy and performance.

Benita is the author of two published books, co-author of another two, a frequent blogger, and has articles published in traditional media outlets.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul”.    Carl Jung


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We look forward to welcoming you to a paradigm-shifting experience.


If you would like to understand in depth or clarify your questions and align your unique requirements, let us know here.

Important Note

Important Note: Trial classes are applicable only while there are seats remaining for the 2023 cohort commencing on the 31 October. In case the cohort is full, we will inform you via email and add you to a trial class for the cohort that will take place in 2024.

If you need further assistance, reach out to Leah from our team at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued trust in Ignite Global. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to becoming a highly sought-after coach.

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