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Turn Your Passion Into an Extraordinary Profession
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Become an Internationally Accredited Coach Anywhere in the World From the Comfort of Your Home at Your Fingertips!

Do you prefer hands-on collaboration and energy exchange?

Then, join likeminded and inspiring professionals from around the world under one fully online space!

 If you are looking for in-person training to pursue your ACC Accreditation, please visit here for more information.

Don’t miss out on the next ICF Level 1 Certification cohort commencing on

15th of October, 2023.

1 pm to 5 pm (GMT+7) time in Bangkok, Thailand

Continues for 8 weeks

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New York,

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Cape Town, South Africa


New Delhi,

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Eight weeks Four hours of virtual live training every Sunday.

Live sessions are video recorded and placed in our E-learning platform.

As a boutique & Global offering we accept a limited number of 12 enrollments maximum.

Last few seats left. Enroll now before the Cohort is Sold-Out!


Ignite Business MasterMind.

Twelve months of Organic Business Development Master Classes worth 1200 USD for absolutely FREE.

Ignite Business Development Lab.

6 months of Business Coaching Sessions with Certified Group and Team Coaches worth 3000 USD for absolutely FREE, helping you get your coaching business started.

Pick a Plan that Fits Your Needs



ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification Only
$ 2500
  • Designation: Certified Coach.
  • ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification.
  • Ignite Business MasterMind.
  • Ignite Business Development Lab.


ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification + Group Mentoring
$ 4000
  • Designation: Certified Coach.
  • ICF Credential: Associate Certified Coach.
  • ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification.
  • ICF 360 Group Mentoring Program.
  • Ignite Business MasterMind.
  • Ignite Business Development Lab.


ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification + Individual Mentoring
$ 5000
  • Designation: Certified Coach.
  • ICF Credential: Associate Certified Coach.
  • ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification.
  • ICF 360 Individual Mentoring Program with Fernando.
  • Ignite Business MasterMind.
  • Ignite Business Development Lab.

Right Time at the Right Place?

Aspire for an extraordinary profession as a Globally Certified Coach?

Facilitate inner mastery & Success in your clients on your own terms?

Exceed old limiting believes & create wealth & abundance you truly deserve?

Join the Ignite Tribe, allow us to accompany you through this emotionally rewarding journey with you every step of the way!

Would You Like to Create an Impact on Your Clients?

✨ Diminish fear, worry and concern in your clients✨ 
✨ Inspire your clients to sail beyond their limiting beliefs✨ 
✨ Enable healing and peace in your clients✨ 
✨ Impact development in your clients & world at large✨ 
✨ Create self-impact and flourishing relationships✨ 
✨ Gain control and become your own miracle✨ 

How People Feel About Our Program

“This program had a huge impact on my life.”
Kewari Bae
Kewari Bae
“Mind-blowing and life-changing experience.”
Bancha Karonsontawong
Bancha Karonsontawong
“An incredible eye-opening experience.”
Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis
“Life-transforming experience.”
Alfred Maverick
Alfred Maverick
“Eye-opening and life changing.”
Maria Chulkstan
Maria Chulkstan

“Those who inspire, become inspired. And those who are inspired continue to inspire.”

Fernando Hettiyadura

Feel Like a River Destined to Become the Ocean? We Honor Your Intention!

It takes a heartbeat to conclude a decision, which has immense power to change your life in a split second. Our honor is inviting you to make an informed decision where it feels right as you begin your coaching journey.

Coaching involves your emotions and feelings! When you become an emotional container to your clients, it is natural that you deserve a space to fall back in just as who you are and not be judged! And Ignite Tribe is ‘home’ where you can be as wholesome as ever even while navigating through your own emotions.

Before you begin this journey, I invite you to connect with me for a conversation and explore if we could provide you the space that would honor and celebrate who you are! This would also help me understand your unique needs and aspirations, and I will be sure to customize this experience for your fulfillment.

Fernando Hettiyadura

Are You the Hands-on Kind of Coach?

New coaches, leaders, educators, therapists, and individuals from many walks of life and various multi-disciplinary backgrounds join us from all corners of the world to co-create with you! If you enjoy multicultural and reflective spaces while pursuing the ICF Level 1 Certification for coaches, this is for you.

Let’s Check the Prerequisites?

Possess intense curiosity and empathy.
Deeply introspective.
You are moved by human emotions and feelings.
Honor confidentiality and privacy of your clients.
Courageous & hold space for your clients at their worst and best.
Ability to see the bigger picture in life.
Gain satisfaction by creating impact in others.

If you resonate with at least three or four attributes from above, you are choosing the right profession for yourself!

100% Full Online Boutique Training!
Become a World-Class Certified Coach


ICF Level 1 Certification

Prepare for an Engaging & Paradigm-Shifting Experience…

The duration of the ICF Level 1 Certification is 60 hours. Includes 32 hours of delivery in live in-person online sessions 20 Hours of E-learning and real-world Coaching Experience with 5 clients.

Don’t miss out the next Cohort Commencing Date 23rd April 2023.

Live In-person Online Training: 32 Hours (Eight Sundays each session being 4 hours.)

Interactive Self-Paced E-learning: 20 hours

Coaching Incubator (Optional Coaching Practice with 5 Clients): + or – 30 Hours

Total of 60 + Hours

Live Interactive Online Sessions are conducted via Zoom. Online Resources and Virtual Classes are available through Ignite E-learning.

We utilize cutting edge adult learner centric delivery pedagogy. Creating an intriguing space for you to collaborate with peers actively in hands-on engagements. We run ‘silent assessments’, where you receive developmental opportunities in a neutral space without having to sit for traditional tests.

Our approach to assessment is NOT correctional, rather precautional.

As soon as the registration is completed you are invited to jump-start the virtual preparation via Ignite E-learning while awaiting in-person training.

60 Hours of ACSTH ICF Level 1 Certification.

ICF 360 Mentoring Program for ACC Accreditation (Optional)

Real life Coaching Practice and Feedback.

Comprehensive Study Material & Coaching Tools.

Lifetime FREE access to same Online Coaching Training.

Lifetime FREE access to Ignite E-Learning Platform.

Complimentary access to two Business Development Programs worth 4200 USD.

FREE Continue Coaching Education Materiel.

FREE Access to Ignite Credential Accelerator to gain ICF Paid Coaching Experience.

Unlimited assistance through ICF professional development path.

ICF 360 Mentoring Program for ACC Credential. (Optional)

All-inclusive ACC Credential Preparation and Support. (Optional)

FREE access to Ignite Coaches Tribe private group for support, encouragement and guidance for a life time.

ICF 360 Group Mentoring Program
✓ 3 Hours of Individual Mentoring
✓ 8 Hours of Group Mentoring
✓ Access to Model CKA (Unlimited practice within 30 days)
✓ Focus on ICF ACC or PCC Credential
✓ Pre-assessment Feedback of 3 Coaching Recordings
✓ ICF Coaching Recording Preparation Toolkit (Video Guide + Success Formula)

ICF 360 Individual Mentoring Program
✓ 10 Hours of Individual Mentoring
✓ 6 Hours of Group Mentoring (Bonus)
✓ Access to Model CKA (Unlimited practice within 60 days)
✓ Focus on ICF ACC or PCC Credential
✓ Focus on Marketing & Business Development
✓ Pre-assessment up to 10 Coaching Recordings
✓ ICF Coaching Recording Preparation Toolkit (Video Guide + Success Formula)
✓ 6 CCEs Certificate
✓ Business Documentation Toolkit (Coaching Contracts + Coaching/Training Proposals)
✓ Schedule 30 or 60 minutes Mentoring Sessions

We are committed to assure that the experience creates value for you. After joining the first live session if you decided not to continue the session, we are happy to offer you money back guarantee.

Professional Coaching Mastery Certification is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation – the Gold Standard of Coaching Profession, providing you confidence and credibility to practice as a world-class Professional Coach with Prestigious ICF Accredited Certification.

Our Pride, Ignite Coaches


We make a conscious choosing to work with individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. We only accept 12 individuals into our boutique training and you will be guided by 3 to 6 experienced mentors who will create a safe environment for you to truly be who you are.

We completely shy away from lecture type of teaching, old school writing assessments and cumbersome tests. We utilize cutting edge adult learner centric delivery pedagogy. Creating an intriguing space for you to collaborate with peers actively in hands-on engagements. We run silent assessments, where you receive developmental opportunities in a neutral space.

Prepare for a fun, empowering and paradigm shifting experience! Often our graduates ask in surprise “Where did the four hours go!” at the end of each session!

We keep the evidence based scientific research in the forefront of our programs and also include practically impactful approaches from different coaching, healing, therapy and other valuable modalities. We create a highly intuitive and energy sensitive experience for you, inviting you to create depths in your clients that they were unaware of!

One after another, our graduates testify that this experience is truly life changing which creates a lasting impact. And most of all, they confirm that they are able to create life transforming experiences for their clients even before they completed the certification.

Ignite, truly Global! All our classes are thriving in diversity. Bangkok being a buzzing Global hub, participants joining locally are a mixture of Thai and expats and most of our participants travel thousands of miles from across the world to come join our programs.

With the Prestigious Accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, Professional Coaching Mastery Certification provides the highest credibility to you as a Professional Coach to confidently create impact in the world.

Fortune 500 companies and International Associations choose Ignite Coaches as their first choice as we strive for credibility demonstrated through results! Ignite graduates are the epitome of peaceful warriors of positive development.

Vulnerability, courage and authenticity are treated with utmost respect in a safe and courageous space. And we invite you to a humanly experience where you will be celebrated for the essence of who you authentically are!

We do not talk about spirituality or religion during the program, not even once! Yet, our graduates testify that the entire engagement is one of the most spiritually significant experiences of their life.

We hope you would be able to create the same for your clients.

We are passionate in sharing our message across the Globe and celebrating the diversity of humanity. Ignite Global operates residential programs in Five Continents (Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific) led by Regional Experts and a multinational team of ICF Educators from rich and diverse backgrounds. You are never far from Ignite Tribe!

Meet Fernando Hettiyadura

Fernando Hettiyadura

Fernando Hettiyadura

MSc (UK), BSc Hons (USA), MCC, CHT

Fernando Hettiyadura is the founder of Ignite Global, an organization dedicated to the advancement of Human Potential, Human Resource Learning & Development and Coaching as a Profession. Fernando has over 18 years of experience as a Global Executive Coach, Team Development Specialist, Coach Trainer & Mentor with an international outreach.

Fernando is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) designated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and he is the creator of ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Mastery Certification encompassing Individual, Group and Team Coaching. Currently, he is also the Member Relations Director at ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter in Thailand.

His professional journey has enabled him to catalyze the empowerment of individuals ranging from Celebrities, C Level Executives to Politicians. And he has contributed to the development of organizations ranging from INGOs, Fortune 500 Companies to International Associations.

With over a decade of Coaching Experience, a background in Adult Centric Learning Pedagogy and Education Technology, he is uniquely positioned to bring you the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification.

Fernando believes in the individual power of igniting positive change in the world, and he is passionate about creating social impact in marginalized communities by empowering youth, especially girls. And on a lighter note, Latin dancing and travelling the world are his favourite hobbies.

Meet the Facilitators and Mentors for the Upcoming Cohort.

Adelina Stefan

Adelina Stefan


Maria Chulkstan

Aurawan Sachaphornskul

Aurawan Sachaphornskul

Gochi Ossai

Gochi Ossai

Lux Hettiyadura

Lux Hettiyadura

Igniteglobal Logo

Is Social Impact Closer to Your Heart?

Ignite Global is committed to making a difference in marginalized communities, especially underprivileged youth and girls. We actively contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals creating a safer and thriving future for our younger generations.

Are these intentions closer to your heart? When you register for any of the Ignite Programs, you become part of this Social Impact Movement. For every program you join, we will offer Human-Centered Leadership Interventions to a deserving youth from an underprivileged background who will commit to applying the skills learnt from Ignite Collaborations in their communities. This way, together we empower communities in need maximizing your outreach.

As part of Ignite Tribe, we would love to invite you to join our Social Impact Programs in the capacity as a Coach, Mentor or Facilitator. This is a privilege only available to you as an Ignite Coach.

While searching for coaching schools, I immediately connected with Ignite Global’s mission, and it just felt right, I am really glad I decided to go with my initial instinct and chose Ignite Global.

The course was everything I was looking for and more. Coach Fernando led the group through a really beautiful journey, with an amazing presence and energy. Giving us space to learn and explore as well as challenging us to go deeper and further. I believe he does not only have the knowledge and coaching experience, but also great work ethics and morals, which challenged me every week to want to build my coaching practice not only to be successful, but also to be a catalyst for kindness in the world.

Ignite Global’s commitment to its students does not end with the course, as coach Fernando created a platform where coaches can practice and build experience. Thank you coach Fernando for all the thought and energy you put in creating this amazing course and support system.

Ana Manso

Ana Manso

Trainer & Coach , Kiwi.com

Fernando Hettiyadura

“When I created Professional Coaching Mastery Certification for you, in addition to essentials, I decided to include everything, what I wished for as a student. In this program I share with you real-life practical knowledge that I learnt the hard-way, taking you beyond the surface and dive deep into actual coaching world”

​”I believe that our inner calling brings us to the right place like a river finds it’s way through the mountains and rocks to the ocean.”


Want to Try Out a Trial Class to Pursue Your ACC Accreditation?

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June cohort is Fully Booked

You just missed our Professional Coaching Mastery Certification (PCMC) cohort, which starts on June 18, 2023, as all seats are now taken. And the good news is that we now accept enrollments for our October cohort.

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