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Do you have a strong desire to help Children and Adolescents?

Turn Your Passion into an Emotionally Rewarding Profession.

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Right Time at the Right Place?

Feel an alignment to create development in groups, teams, and organizations?

Ready to take your Coaching Profession to the next level as a Group/Team Coach?

Passionate about maximizing your leadership & empower groups & teams?
Multiply your impact as well as income while working lesser hours as a Group/Team Coach?

How People Feel About Our Program

“Massive impact on my life.”
Kewari Bae
Kewari Bae
“Mind blowing and life changing.”
Bancha Karonsontawong
Bancha Karonsontawong
“An incredible eye-opening experience.”
Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis
“Life-transforming experience.”
Alfred Maverick
Alfred Maverick
“Eye-opening and life changing.”
Maria Chulkstan
Maria Chulkstan

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform, or pause and reflect.”

Mark Twain

It takes a heartbeat to conclude a decision, which has immense power to change your life in a split second. If you feel a deeper calling for inner mastery and be of service in creating impact, particularly in collective human associations, you are at the right place at the right time.

One of the most common feedback we receive from those who begin this journey with Ignite Global is how the experience dramatically transformed their coaching career and even changed their life!

Hence, we look forward to sharing with you the true realities of the Group and Team Coaching World from a Practical Perspective and share with you;

+ Create high-performing leadership Teams who work together as an emotional container +

+ How you could create a sustainable transformational culture in organizations as a Team Coach +

+ Offer high-value signature group programs to collaborate, learn and inspire together to ace their individual personal and professional goals +

+ Expand your profession as a Team Development Specialist with our dual certification +

+ Enhance and ace your overall, presentation, facilitation, motivational, and collaboration skills. Learn how to become a people magnet! + 

This exclusive Q&A conversation is to create a safe space for you to clarify your questions openly, meet Ignite Tribe and learn about our essence.

In this conversation you are about to have with Fernando Hettiyadura, the Lead ICF Coach Educator and the Founder of Ignite Global, he will reveal how he created the Group and Team Coaching Mastery Certification  4 years before ICF introduced Team Coaching Competencies. The experience is intended to be practical, pragmatic, and paradigm-shifting. The Certification is suitable for coaches who perceive and appreciate coaching as a reflective practice.

Prerequisite to join Minimum of 60 Hours of Coach Specific Education and 100 Hours of Coaching Practice.

Join us and clarify your inquiries directly with Fernando during this LIVE Q&A Conversation.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exclusive group conversation on Wednesday, April 20, from 09:30 pm to  11:00 pm GMT +7.

Our Pride, Ignite Coaches

IGNITE, Truly Global…

We are passionate in sharing our message across the Globe and celebrating the diversity of humanity. Ignite Global operates residential programs in Five Continents led by Regional Experts along with a Multinational Team of ICF Educators from rich and diverse cultural as well as professional backgrounds.

Meet Fernando Hettiyadura

Fernando Hettiyadura

Fernando Hettiyadura

MSc (UK), BSc Hons (USA), PCC, CHT

Fernando Hettiyadura is the founder of Ignite Global, an organization dedicated to the advancement of Human Potential, Human Resource Learning & Development and Coaching as a Profession. Fernando has over 18 years of experience as a Global Executive Coach, Team Development Specialist, Coach Trainer & Mentor with an international outreach.

Fernando is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and he is the creator of ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Mastery Certification encompassing Individual, Group and Team Coaching. Currently, he is also the Member Relations Director at ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter in Thailand.

His professional journey has enabled him to catalyze the empowerment of individuals ranging from Celebrities, C Level Executives to Politicians. And he has contributed to the development of organizations ranging from INGOs, Fortune 500 Companies to International Associations.

With over a decade of Coaching Experience, a background in Adult Centric Learning Pedagogy and Education Technology, he is uniquely positioned to bring you the Professional Coaching Mastery Certification.

Fernando believes in the individual power of igniting positive change in the world, and he is passionate about creating social impact in marginalized communities by empowering youth, especially girls. And on a lighter note, Latin dancing and travelling the world are his favourite hobbies.

Meet the Facilitators and Mentors for the Upcoming Cohort.


Sridevi Rao


Maria Chulkstan

Aurawan Sachaphornskul

Aurawan Sachaphornskul

Gochi Ossai

Gochi Ossai

Lux Hettiyadura

Lux Hettiyadura

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Be part of the Social Impact

Create Ripples of Positivity.

Ignite Global is committed to make a difference in underprivileged communities. When you register for any of the programs offered by Ignite Global, you become part of this Social Impact Movement. For every program you join, we will offer Human-Centered Leadership Training to a deserving youth from an underprivileged background who will commit to applying the skills learnt from the training in their communities. This way, together we empower communities in need. 

And as part of the Ignite Tribe, we would love to invite you to join Ignite Social Impact Programs in the capacity as a Coach, Mentor or Facilitator if you would find it emotionally rewarding.

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