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Professional Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching Certification

to advance your career as a professional coach through our globally recognized coach training program and be a pioneer in creating an emotionally rewarding practice as a Life Enhancement Coach for Children/Adolescents and Parents.

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Professional Coaching Mastery Certification Encompassing
Child, Adolescent Development & Parenting

We are your BOUTIQUE 360 COACH EDUCATION PROVIDER Globally Recognized ICF Accredited Certification.

Lux Hettiyadura - ICF PCC Coach

Founder of Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coach Certification

Prepare for a paradigm-shifting & engaging experience

Whatever intention led you here speaks a special calling within you. When you become a child life enhancement practitioner, you don’t become just another coach, you become a front liner of a bigger mission in helping children, adolescents and parents break free from generational curses, toxic conditions, and cycles. In other words, you create a positive difference in the world at large. 

“Every child is like an acorn waiting to become an Oak Tree. It takes a big heart to unleash that magnificent potential.”
– Lux Hettiyadura

Do You Prefer Hands-on Collaboration and Energy Exchange?

Then, join likeminded and inspiring professionals from around the world under one fully online space!

New coaches, parents, educators, child/adolescent care professionals, and individuals from many walks of life and various multi-disciplinary backgrounds join us from all corners of the world to co-create with you! If you enjoy multicultural and reflective spaces, this is for you.

The June 17th cohort isNOW FULLY BOOKED

Don’t miss out the next Cohort Commencing Date the 03rd of September 2023.

The Next Intake Is Scheduled For September 2023

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ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification Only
$ 2500
  • Designation: Certified Coach.
  • ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification.
  • Child/Adolescent Development Education
  • Ignite Business MasterMind.
  • Ignite Business Development Lab.


ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification + Group Mentoring
$ 4000
  • Designation: Certified Coach.
  • ICF Credential: Associate Certified Coach.
  • Child/Adolescent Development Education
  • ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification.
  • ICF 360 Group Mentoring Program.
  • Ignite Business MasterMind.
  • Ignite Business Development Lab.


ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification + Individual Mentoring
$ 5000
  • Designation: Certified Coach.
  • ICF Credential: Associate Certified Coach.
  • ICF 60 ACSTH (Level One) Certification.
  • Child/Adolescent Development Education
  • ICF 360 Individual Mentoring Program with Fernando, MCC.
  • Ignite Business MasterMind.
  • Ignite Business Development Lab.

Ignite Business Master Mind

Twelve months of Organic Business Development Master Classes worth 1200 USD for absolutely FREE.

Ignite Business Incubator

6 months of Business Coaching Sessions with Certified Group and Team Coaches worth 3000 USD for absolutely FREE, helping you get your coaching business started.

What They Say

See what our students say.

Tanya Kable

Tanya Kable

Product Portfolio Strategy Specialist

The CADP program really helped me to see that I do have the potential to coach and make a difference. It gave me the tools to connect with people, actively listen, and enable the client to unlock their full potential.


Going through this journey of training was a life-changing experience as the study material and the training program itself changed so many of my old beliefs and perspectives where I remember one of some was when I learned "Skillful Listening".

Insha Pasha

Insha Pasha

Child / Adolescent Development Coach Engineer
Claudia Cangea

Claudia Cangea

Child / Adolescent Development Coach

This course led by Lux has ignited my desire inside to want more from life and to have a greater impact on our younger generations. I have always wanted to support children and adolescents to discover their limits and passions.

Meet The Experts

Our experts in the program are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Lux Hettiyadura,

Lead Facilitator

Fernando Hettiyadura
Fernando Hettiyadura, MCC

Program Supervisor

Meet Lux Hettiyadura

Lux Hettiyadura is the creator of the First-Ever Comprehensive Child/Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching Certification Accredited by the world’s most prestigious coaching authority, International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also a Certified Professional Coach designated by ICF. She passionately leads the Coaching Education, Research, and Development interventions at Ignite Global.

Lux’s expertise lies in Child and Adolescent emotional, social, and behavioral development, parenting, family and interpersonal relationships, and Human potential development. She has a strong educational background in Early Childhood Education, Adolescent Psychology, Human Behavioural Psychology, and Healing and Mind Development Through Altered States of Consciousness. She has over a decade of international experience working with children in an age range of infants to adolescents, parents who are educators, diplomats, healthcare professionals, stay-at-home parents, military officers, and members of a Royal Family in the Gulf region. 

Lux is a Child/Adolescent Development Specialist, Family and Interpersonal Relationship Catalyst, Coach Training Facilitator, ICF Coach Educator, and a former educator serving as a headmistress. She focuses on a coaching approach to child and adolescent social, emotional, and behavioral development and creates a harmonious and inspiring culture in family and educational environments. 

With this methodology, she enables parents and educators to awaken their maximum capacity to create a sustainable impact in positive and effective parenting and education. She believes in a holistic approach to human development and has dedicated her life to creating a positive difference in the world at large.

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