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Our ICF Accredited Coach Certification Programs are constructed to guide you in acquiring your ICF ACC and PCC Certification. We belong to the 10% Coach Education Providers worldwide who are able to offer ICF’s Newest Levels Accredited Coach Certification. And we are your 360 Boutique Coach Education partner fully equipped with all you require to become a Pioneer as a Professional Coach.


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Our ICF Accredited Coach Certification Programs

 Beginner Level 


Suitable for newcomers who aspire to obtain the Designation ‘Certified Coach’ or/and ICF ACC Certification.

 Advanced Level 


Suitable for Experienced Coaches who aspire to obtain the Designation ‘Certified Professional Coach’ or/and ICF PCC Certification.

 Mastery Level 


An extraordinary Coaching Mastery Training is being tested at the moment. If you are interested, let us know, you will be the first to know. Hint: This Training includes Psychedelic Integration in its delivery.

Aspire to…

Begin an emotionally rewarding profession?

Create impeccable development in your clients?

Enable self-mastery and become your own miracle?

Access financial and all forms of abundance?

Belong to a likeminded tribe of soulful professionals?

Then You Are at the Right Place and at the Right Time.

We are your Boutique 360 Coach Education Provider, committed to accompany you though this journey providing you with personalized opportunities to become a pioneer in the Multi-Billion Dollar Coaching Industry.

Are you a New or an Established Coach?

We provide Coach Education to Individuals new to the Coaching World as well as support Established Coaches to elevate themselves to the Next Level.

Our fully ICF Accredited Certification Paths would enable you to excel in following Coaching Specialties:

1. Life Enhancement – Life & Relationship Coaching.
2. Organizational Coaching – Executive & Leadership Coaching.
3. Coaching for Child/Adolescent Development & Parenting.
4. Group & Team Coaching.

We aspire at Highest Professional Excellence and Ignite Coaches are Globally Recognized as Pioneers of Positive Development working with Prestigious Organizations and Esteemed Leaders.

Are You the Hands-on Kind of Coach?

We are mindful about the way you learn. Our Trainings are fully equipped with:

1. 100% Full Online Live Training.
2. In-person Classroom Training.
3. Blended Training.

Learn at Your Own Pace &
Accelerate Your Coaching Career

Coaches, Leaders, Educators, Therapists and Individuals from many walks of life and various multi-disciplinary backgrounds join from all corners of the world to co-create with us! If you enjoy multicultural reflective experience, this is for you.

How do you resonate?

+ Possess intense curiosity and empathy.
+ Deeply introspective.
+ You are moved by human emotions and feelings.
+ Honor confidentiality and privacy of your clients.
+ Courageous & hold space for your clients at their worst and best.
+ Ability to see the bigger picture in life.
+ Gain satisfaction by creating impact in others.

If you resonate with at least three or four attributes from above, you are choosing the right profession for yourself!

Choose the best option for you from below to begin your coaching journey.

Enjoy Finer Things in Life?

We make a conscious choosing to work with individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. We only accept 12 individuals into our boutique training and you will be guided by 3 to 6 experienced mentors who will create a safe environment for you to truly be who you are.

Do You Prefer Practicality Over Theory?

We completely shy away from lecture type of teaching, old school writing assessments and cumbersome tests. We utilize cutting edge adult learner centric delivery pedagogy. Creating an intriguing space for you to collaborate with peers actively in hands-on engagements. We run silent assessments, where you receive developmental opportunities in a neutral space.

Prepare for a fun, empowering and paradigm shifting experience! Often our graduates ask in surprise “Where did the four hours go!” at the end of each session!

Do You Feel That Science Is Not the End of It All?

We keep the evidence based scientific research in the forefront of our programs and also include practically impactful approaches from different coaching, healing, therapy and other valuable modalities. We create a highly intuitive and energy sensitive experience for you, inviting you to create depths in your clients that they were unaware of!

IGNITE, Truly Global…

We are passionate in sharing our message across the Globe and celebrating the diversity of humanity. Ignite Global operates residential programs in Five Continents (Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific) led by Regional Experts and a multinational team of ICF Educators from rich and diverse backgrounds. You are never far from Ignite Tribe!

Fernando Hettiyadura

Founder and Strategist

Lux Hettiyadura

Director for Child/Adolescents Development & Parenting Programs

Adelina Stefan

Director Europe - Switzerland

Maria Chulkstan

Director for US and Americas

Neena Bhaskar

Ignite ICF Educator

Gochi Ossai

Director for Africa

Jana Bulkin

Ignite ICF Educator, Mentor

Corina Dudu

Ignite ICF Educator, Mentor

Annie Sachdev

Ignite ICF Educator

Claudia Cangea

Ignite Mentor

Insha Pasha

Ignite Mentor

Sandun Nirmala

Digital Marketing Specialist

Gain Real World Experience!

During the training, you are invited to work with actual clients (paid or pro-bono) or provide coaching to an Ignite actual client, applying the skills you learn on a weekly basis developing through practical application.

With the Prestigious Accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, Professional Coaching Mastery Certification provides the highest credibility to you as a Professional Coach to confidently create impact in the world.

Fortune 500 companies and International Associations choose Ignite Coaches as their first choice as we strive for credibility demonstrated through results! Ignite graduates are the epitome of peaceful warriors of positive development.

Vulnerability, courage and authenticity are treated with utmost respect in a safe and courageous space. And we invite you to a humanly experience where you will be celebrated for the essence of who you authentically are!

We do not talk about spirituality or religion during the program, not even once! Yet, our graduates testify that the entire engagement is one of the most spiritually significant experiences of their life.

We hope you would be able to create the same for your clients.

We are passionate in sharing our message across the Globe and celebrating the diversity of humanity. Ignite Global operates residential programs in Five Continents (Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific) led by Regional Experts and a multinational team of ICF Educators from rich and diverse backgrounds. You are never far from Ignite Tribe!

One after another, our graduates testify that this experience is truly life changing which creates a lasting impact. And most of all, they confirm that they are able to create life transforming experiences for their clients even before they completed the certification.

We are committed to assure that the experience creates value for you. After joining the first live session if you decided to not to continue the session, we are happy to offer you money back guarantee.

Ignite Global is committed to making a difference in marginalized communities, especially underprivileged youth and girls. We actively contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals creating a safer and thriving future for our younger generations.

Are these intentions closer to your heart? When you register for any of the Ignite Programs, you become part of this Social Impact Movement. For every program you join, we will offer Human-Centered Leadership Interventions to a deserving youth from an underprivileged background who will commit to applying the skills learnt from Ignite Collaborations in their communities. This way, together we empower communities in need maximizing your outreach.

As part of Ignite Tribe, we would love to invite you to join our Social Impact Programs in the capacity as a Coach, Mentor or Facilitator. This is a privilege only available to you as an Ignite Coach.

The main language used for all programs is English.

We are able to provide or arrange support in the following languages:

  • Thai

Tell About Your Aspirations…

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